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When i'm hurt i plead with myself to run from the pain, but how many times can you run without falling ,how many times can you dream with out waking up to reality, death's a lie to depression that my brain often turn to. LIFE's a lesson one of the reasons i listen.

I walk to the shadows , slowly forgetting what the light actually feels like. I creep to the shore to take my final breath,to hug t...

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Rare Flame❣

To love a flower is the breaking of rules.                To break the rules ,well that i would do for you,dancing to clownfull tunes.

Rhythm of a bread crum,falling to the ground,a friend for just some,happy moments to remember,holding on to treasure,i need a friend like you forever.

Broken days are yet to come,but we must not forget the fun. I'm here to stay forever even if i'm far away. I...

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“I want to taste your thoughts while tasting your lips , I want to taste your skin on my tongue, put my hands in your hair .

If only I could get close to you. Smell your body close up, trace my fingers down your spine, outlined the curves that trips my mind.

You make me dream with my eyes open, like a lion hunting his prey. I watch from the shadows, afraid of the light you give off, I want y...

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entry picture

Close your eyes,and image you're me.                                                                                                                   Open your brains let my thoughts capture yours.                                                                                                  You might see things you don't want to,but it's an option.                                              ...

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Sometimes you come with out warning,                                                                                                                      you're so impolite,you make souls cry and human chaos.                                                                                          Rain,Sun,Storms,and flames,nothing can stop your false triumph.                                       ...

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I'm counting my blessings,,i'm shedding my tears ,i'm missing you,,i watch my reflection,my reflection!!.....i see me.  Your image faded,i have faded!...the sky is no more,you're no more!..  Give me a moment,a moment to breath,a moment to wipe these tears..........................a moment to make things right again

I miss your touch,and funny laughs too..i miss those long conversations and mid_...

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Hello, little time man,heres my demand.Tick-tock,Tick-tock please stop the clock.where is the short hand,the long hand knocks.There is seconds aiming for the spot.                                                                                                    Hey little time man where's the short hand.                                                                                              ...

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Sometimes,your moods could be seasons.                                                                                                                 Emotions can be seen as winter,but,anger defines summer                                                                                      Make up covers you over ,but spring walks you sober.                                                        ...

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symphony of love

entry picture

Shallow brains,gather loniness.Fear brings about a weak soul.we were one but you made us two....

Close your eyes and cry me a tune,,for you miss me but i never think of you.

Maybe i'm over thinking,or maybe its you,,maybe everything you talked about could be true.

Sometimes you never know what to expect ,sometimes it recks your inside.There is a space where a heart once belonged.

My fi...

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The wrong step toward things?

Life is love and love is life Giving up or giving in is weird Feed your thoughts with the right image Surround your self with in that image and absorb all its positive energy ,now that is life hun,,being able to with stand things,taking a slap when given to u and still walking away with a smile ,now don't get me wrong,but that is life hun Being able ,to walk,run or even breath ,to see clearly and ...

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I find myself lost in moments...at times,i would smile by myself,it would not be much but to my insanity it's ENOUGH,its like a drug I cannot resist .

Even a slight touch or glance,i twitch ....like a handicap .The cracking of the ice in my vein,WOW!!! Sometimes i feel more insane .

You might be surprised to see what actually goes on in my head ,slowly tamping my memories in a chest of hope ...

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My tea cup?

Cripple paper between my fingers ,,
Red roses with thorns ..
Black top to match my sock,
I seek your face between the maze,
Soft laughters engulfing the fields ...
A body with out a face ,,I'm emotional now 
  Sitting at a table, sipping my tea....
I wait ,,,I wait on you to give u my cup of tea...
Smile for me, smile so I could see,,,,
See beyond the sea ...my seven cups of tea
My cup i...

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