How do I love? (Part 2)

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How do I love?
Wondered the struggling eyes,
As sun's rays reached the pale face,
Into another morning of inquiry,
Whether to carry on or linger,
From, perhaps, a hope for two souls,
That had no home,
Wandering around,
Looking and searching,
For, if haven was impossible,
At least a shelter to thrive on,
But to only provide what it needs,
One must let go,
A sacrifice,
For hope to live,
For hope to linger,
For hope to be free,
The sacrifice,
Eyes widened from a surprise,
Staring intently,
At the walls of a home,
Where calmness resides,
Where every blink reflects peace,
Where every breath is felt,
Where every thought believes,
Each soul deserves the best place to be,
Theirs must have never found a home.
Perhaps, it was worth it.
So, is it love?

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