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Black Friday

Could I be too cynical

In being so critical

Of a world political

And thus paralytical

It is unforgivable

Far too many imbeciles

Whose acts are despicable

Yet sadly predictable

Are held unaccountable

Such crimes insurmountable

And never rescindable

Have we reached the pinnacle

The answer equivocal

Is apocalyptical




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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

I cannot apologize for the fact that my natural body suffers and reacts adversely to the man made environment in which we are forced to live. Light, noise and odors, chemicals, dyes and petroleum pollution. Humans are becoming increasingly desensitized to nature and instead thrive on these “new and improved [solutions] to a better and happier life.”

Household cleaner...

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Of Stardust

Of Stardust

What was and is and what shall be

Came long before the primordial sea

Dinosaurs, mammals, flowers and trees

The mountains, the rivers

You and me.

   The tiniest little things to imagine

Infinite particles smaller than atoms

From deep within the cosmic fathoms

Ever adding to the stratum

Of Stardust

Pure and White

Of Stardust

Energy, Life

Of Star...

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As the crimson veil of sunset

Burned into his sight

He dreamed a thousand dreams times ten

Then wished with all his might

And when he turned towards her

He could could see the glow

Of everything that he had dreamed

Just moments ago

In her eyes he saw those dreams

And knew she was the one

To dream a thousand dreams with

Under every setting sun


lcb 2020

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A Pirate Named Clyde

There once was a pirate named Clyde

A scurvy sailor with a salty hide

The sea was his home

The wash and the foam

The rolling of the tide

Smart as a whip

He built his own ship

From the spoils of his plunders

No crew did he need

For they would impede

Upon his search for wonders

With a shearwater’s sight

He would sail out at night

Prowling all the best ports


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A Walk in the Clouds

Take a walk amongst the clouds

Then slowly lose your way

Float freely there in weightlessness

Then drift far away

Ride aloft upon the wind

Let yourself be taken

Mix and morph and be reshaped

Disperse and reawaken

Observe the sunlight shining through

Each vapor drop a prism

Tiny vibrant rainbow orbs

The beauty of true synergism

Allow yourself the luxury

To vis...

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FUBAR Friday

For those still working throughout the pandemic. 

The chaos of this new year has created anxiety around the world.  With every aspect of life in question, priorities get shifted. Communication is often difficult when thoughts are cunsumed with fear and uncertaintity.  This is how my workday played out on Friday, April 10, 2020.

My sincere best wishes to all



FUBAR Friday


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A Story...II

“Godspeed” She whispered. She stood and watched as the ships sailed out of sight.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Before leaving, Montillio was able to gather a small crew of trusted allies to man the boats. Hardy men with Souls worthy of the cause. With Sven’s approval all but one were let aboard. The Solstice had begun. With new hope, they sailed with the rising and setting sun. The seas wer...

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A Story

A Story


The signals, at first, were random, but as time passed they became more frequent, almost urgent. Finally ready, Sherman gathered his men. No longer could they ignore the situation. It was time. The light was calling to them and they would oblige. Sherman, a man of action and determination, consulted with Kaspar. The diplomat was astute and wise. His visionary guidance would be of gre...

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