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Slated as such 

But not for much

A never ending battle

Do or die

Without a cry 

And no one there to tattle

If one day 

It come what may

Without so much a warning

Fight to defend

Until the end

Amidst the grief and mourning

For naught is fair

And none will care

With nothing more to folllow

So it may be

To never see 

Thee dawning of tomorrow



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Clickety Clique

Click on a switch

Click the television remote

Click on a website

Click like or dislike

Click with your tongue

Click you heels together

Click the latch shut

Click the lock tight

Click a retractable pen

Click of the typewriter keys

Click of the dolphin or a whale or a bat

Click of the cicada

Click of a rock stuck in a tire

Click of the trigger

Click of a shu...

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Your Vagueness Is

Your vagueness is awkward

and sometimes it hurts.

Shadowy emotions slip in and out as you pass.

Tendrils of your essence linger,

Enticing and slicing.

Leaving me bare

And very aware.


Your vagueness is deafening

It's silence fills my ears.

Reverberting within and throughout.

A soundless piercing discord.




But wanting to be heard.


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Kentucky Derby 2019

The horses are on the track

Bets have all been laid

I hope I get some money back

From the wager that I made.

Gambling is not my thing

It just is not my style

But at certain times I will indulge

If only for a while.

A raffle ticket here and there

The lotto now and then

Ussually just a buck or two

Never more than ten.

I hate to lose my hard earned cash

On silly...

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Procrastinator's Perplexity

What happened to tomorrow

It was here yesterday

Did it somehow just decide

To get up and go away?

Tomorrow was the day I planned 

To do all I had to do

Now that it isn't coming

I'm left with out a clue,

As to when I will do these things

I'll have to check the date

If tomorrow isn't coming

Then I'm already late...




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It was warm but not hot

With a bit of a breeze

He slipped on his loafers

And stepped out with ease


She chose the red flats

And a light airy dress

Not overdone

But sure to impress


They agreed upon eight

At the local estab

He rode the bus

She took a cab


A quick drink and a smoke

Then they headed down

To the carnival

That had just come to to...

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carnivalcelebrationfalling in lovefirst datesMay Day

tanka ?

Loftily I ride

Gliding slowly through my mind

Lost thoughts I will find

Tangled like a ball of twine

I grab one end, pull, unwind.


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Things To Do Today


Be curious

Ask questions

"Because" is NOT an answer!

Demand the truth


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In respone to the the metapoem prompt....here goes


To the Write out Louds

As long as I remember

No one has ever

Keenly liked my poetry

A big tanka to you all

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entry picture

in the cool morning

the last whippoorwill cries out

mist in dew drenched fields

the Sun lifts his great eyelid

and bids the Night Gods farewell

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Don't Sell your Soul

entry picture

For my friend Ray, I hope you haven't.


Don't Sell Your Soul


I told him not to sell his soul 

That it would be unwise

The devil cheets and always wins

The end is your demise.

I told him not to sell his soul

It would be careless and askew

Satan laughs at all the fools who follow at his shoe.

I told him not to sell his soul

That he would never get it back


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New Friend

Bipolar one disorder. I did not flinch. Warm and genuine, I liked him right away.

Open mike night. He played guitar. Part of the regular crowd. I had seen him many times, always with a   smile.

Beer was good and we talked over the music. It was only our second meeting, yet the conversation flowed   with ease. Relaxed and natural.

Been a lawyer he had. But not the "good kind" and he gave m...

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acrosticconnectionsmaking friendsmental illnesssaying helloshyness

A Tractor's Wife

entry picture

Tractors gaining traction

In and of my life

Never did I ever think 

That I would be a tractor's wife.

Implements and attachments

Belts and belts galore

Reapers, tillers, compostors

Who could ask for more?

Aerators and harvesters

Plows; for winter and for spring

Lots and lots and lots of tires

Damn near everything...

That someone would ever want

If they should...

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marriagemetaphorrelationshipssubstitutestractorstruck drivers


entry picture

For ALL the Lisa's I have ever known


Oddly enthusiastic

Some would even call her spastic

She was loud but not bombastic

She was just odd   ly





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enthusiasmproudself awarenessunique

And the Mouse Said...

entry picture

Put a cork in the crazy

I already put one in the wall

Put a cork in the crazy

Before it comes for us all

Put a cork in the crazy

Or it will creep out everywhere

Put a cork in the crazy

Cuz you know they will all stare

Put a cork in the crazy

Keep it plugged up nice and tight

Put a cork in the crazy

Even tho it feels so right

Put a cork in the crazy

Now, don't...

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In the Closet

Through the kitchen, down the hall, in the last room on the left. There's a box in the closet. Small and square, behind some sweaters. Safe in a quiet place, yet always on my mind...


More than just a trinket, it's like an amulet

For when I hold it in my hands, my head and heart forget.

A talisman of testimony, to what was once so true

This tiny little object that makes me think of...

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cherished itemsfondnesslovememories

The End is Nigh

The end is nigh

And here am I

On the edge and trembling

Who will catch me if I fall

Who will be there for it all

The one who stays from end to end

The one who I can call my friend

The one who loves me true and through

The one who knows just what to do

When the end is nigh.


The end is nigh

And here am I

Cascading through the follies

Who will help me find ...

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Open Mike Night

entry picture

One night a week I go out for a beer

To visit with friends and seek out good cheer

Its open mike, tho I do not play

I do sing along and cheer away.

There's always the regulars, there's Jeff and there's John

And sometimes Bobby will be around

Newbies are cool and always a treat

But the show that can't ever be beat...

Malcolm! They always save him til the end

With his keyb...

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beercelebrationComradeshipfriendsfunopen mike


entry picture

Eggs over easy

Eggs over light

Eggs in the morning

Eggs at night

Scrambled, boiled, poached or fried

Is there any way I haven't tried


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Write or Wrong

I write, but I may be wrong

So I cross things out as I go along

Sometimes I will uncross too

Go back, revisit, start anew.

I write, but I may not know

The proper style or way to go

To free the feelings that I feel

And portray them true, with zest and zeal.

I write, but sometimes I ask

What is the purpose of this task?

Does any body realy care

To see and hear what I...

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Walking a very delicate line

So far in distance

So long in time

Split in half

Or close to

So much and so real

Never and always 

With so much to feel

New beginnings

Old endings

Time moves and stands still

Walking the line of courage and will

Faster and slower

Steps taken in stride

Steps taken onward 

With nothing to hide

A linear realm where the rules...

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decision makinglife's choices

Nosy Nellie

"Ooo, can I see?" she asked with a grin

I had no choice but to let her in

I had opened the door a bit too wide

And she was able to peek inside.

What she saw was really nothing

But, she just had to make it something.

Her nosiness was quite well known

In the neighborhood and around the town.

Always snooping in a friendly way

"I've just come for a visit!" she would say


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Writers Block

entry picture

The words don't flow as they used to

The lines don't form as well

My mind seems stuck in idle

Awaiting thoughts to swell

Each day I live, I see so much

It should inspire something

Yet when I sit to write it out

My brain comes up with nothing



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creatingempty mindideasinspirationwriter's blockwriting

I, Capricorn

entry picture

Don't try to stop me

You can't and I won't

Stopping at nothing

I'll get what I want

Failure is not an option 

That I choose to accept

You cannot deter me 

While I still have breath

My vision is clear

My desires are true

Unwavering passion

Will guide me through

Stopping at nothing

I'll get what I want

Don't try to stop me

You can't and I won't

I will ...

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The Darkness of the Night

Misty rain all around

Falls in vain to the ground

Calling my name without a sound

Into the darkness of the night

Heavier now it starts to fall

I wonder how it last at all

Louder now it starts to call me

Into the darkness of the night

It stops abrubtly without a trace

The moon shining brightly on my face

The voices fade slowly into the space

Of the darkness of the n...

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Take some words

And write them down

Give them life

Give them sound

Twist them

Turn them

Make them real

Let them become

Whatever you feel


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Drowning (In Depression That is Not Mine)

Drowning in depression

That is not mine

Abysmal delirium

To fill up the time

Stranded and pivitol

Unsure where to tread

The weight of calamity

Fills me with dread

Waking or sleeping

It bruises my soul

Ebbing and swelling

The years taking their toll

Erasing the passion

The drive the desire

Erasing the passion

That fuels the fire

Silent and forceful


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depressionliving with someone with depression


Micromanaging Miniscule Moments

Meandering 'Midst Murky Memories

Mindful Musings

Motionless Mastery

Manipulated Manifestions

Morphing Melodically

Making Music

Marking Milestones





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Weightless and free

Orbs of pure simplicity



Not a care

Aloft and riding on the air

Crystal clear


Spheres of rainbows 

And reflections


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