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The world turns

And so do I

Time moves on 

So I must follow

Night and day

To ride the waves 

Through each of my tomorrows

Changing seasons

The cycle goes

Those ever changing tides

To planetary gravity

I must and will abide

For I cannot control the time

Nor see where it will lead me

I have to trust and hold it's hand

Let Time guide me freely

One small...

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The Thinker and The Drinker

He was always wishful thinking

Stymied only by his drinking

Oh the thoughts his mind did throttle

To be washed away by that next bottle

If only he could see the truth

Not hide behind one hundred proof

Let those thoughts be free and clear

Instead of drowning them with beer

A mind so brilliant and so pure

Yet serenity for him, obscure

Those wishful thoughts, they cause ...

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He Plays Guitar

She lies across his knee

He cradles her form, gently yet firmly

Deft fingers finding all the right spots

Cascading up and down her neck and body

Caressing, clutching, fondling

Pausing now and again

Passionate vibrations emanating from their union

Melodic and sublime

The coda, the climax

Breath heavy, a bead of sweat

He puts forth all that he has

Then rests his head...

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entry picture

One lone leaf on a tree

An our ago there were three

A strong Autumn wind flew by

Carrying one of the leaves into the sky

Soon after that another breeze blew 

And carried another leaf away too

Now there's one and only one

Quite soon now it's time will come

To be carried away with a cool fall breeze

And be burried in snow in a frosty freeze

As it sits it's time grows sh...

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I Fell Today

It was a day like any other

  Until I fell

Not becaue I am clumsy or not paying attention

  I just fell

It was sudden, quick

In the bllink of an eye

   I fell

I did not trip, nor did I stumble

It seemed no obstacles were in my way

  Yet, I fell

Sudden fear, adrenalin

The feeling of weightlessness

  As I fell

Visions of pain filled my mind

Perhaps real dama...

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Testimony to openness

Relinquishing all fears



Hear me now



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National Poetry Day


Waste no time

Open your mind

Now is always the moment

Do not hesitate, investigate

Every second is new

Resplendent in its ability to inspire curiosity



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Please, Come In

On the fringes

In and out

     Assaying, Surverying, Contemplating

           Stopping by but never staying

On the outskirts

Here and there

     Wandering, Pondering, Hungering

            For a life that's free of squandering

On the edges

In the fray

     Evermore, Until therefore, On the fringes looking for

           The comfort of an unlocked door




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Dream Lover

In my dreams you're always there

So far away and yet so near

I see your face smiling bright

All day long I wish for night

When I can dream of you once more

And wake in the morning

Happy and sure



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I Missed the Bus

Where is my Muse

I missed the bus

Will there be another

Oh, what a fuss

I was hoping, at best

To go for a ride

On that magical tour

With my mind open wide

To find inspiration

And maybe a friend

As Don did with Thalia

Oh, who am I to pretend...

So I wait on the corner

With my pen and my pad

Thinking that, maybe, 

This Muse thing's a fad

There's a bus ...

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No More Hellos

The phone rang again

She hesitated once more

To take the call now

Would prove that she is not strong

She knows well what he will say


She lets it ring on

Becoming deaf to its sound

As he did to her

Knowing she should not engage

So she lets it ring



He will come to realize

What he had was not

The kind of love she needed

The phone rings, ...

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Paying it Forward

Karma kicked me in the butt

Asked me "Have you had enough?"

"No" I said, "Bring it on.

It's because of you that I am strong!"

The lessons learned from day to day

Help guide me on my fateful way

Bringing light into the dark

From each new shore I embark

On a voyage to the end

For good Karma to defend




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Who is that man, I need to know

The one who makes me tremble so

The one who makes me quake inside

When he looks into my eyes

The one whose voice I just adore

Leaving me with wanting more

That man, the one who's so aloof

The one whose smile is the proof

He is the one I wish to hold

The one for whom I feel so bold

Perhaps throw caution to the wind

All with just the s...

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The Moors

Grey fog wisping 'round

Not a sound or sight to see

A slow envelope

Folding down upon the land

As night creeps into the moors

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I'm going on a road trip

With my bestest friend

The greatest times I've had with her

And this won't be the end

We've been together for so long

Friends Forever, True and Strong

Without her

     my life

          would be so dim

My very bestest,

                 bestest friend

                             My one and only


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A Cog in the Works

entry picture

Time standing still in the shop

...I wish I had a lolllipop...

To enjoy its delicious, fuity flavor

Instead of toiling with this labor

Wiping down and masking off

Sharp and greasy metal parts

Hands cut, clothing torn

'Tis the way I start my morn

Out for finish, in for paint

This parts good....this one ain't

Pressing hardware, final sand

This ones a RUSH, quick all ...

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The Nature of Things

Behaving in a manner true to oneself

  Even if no one else approves

    In this life, one thing is certain

      No one can really ever walk in your shoes

         Great are the mysteries before us 

Having bled and willing to bleed

   Unleashing it all in a chorus

      Music for all who have ears

        Actions will always speak louder

          No more shall I live in...

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Another Happy Tuesday

i learned many things today

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A heavy shadow in my heart

In this darkness I did start

To slowly drift and then to sway

And now I have been swept away

On a journey far and wide

A quest to find the light inside

The truest feelings of them all

Staggering, tho not to fall

I seek to know the truest love

And from this darkness rise above

To free my heart from shade and blight

To find the purest, whit...

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Dirty Little Secret

There's a dirty little secret

One I'll never tell

A dirty little secret

Deep within the well

    of my mind

         safe and sound

              never to be told or found

A dirty little secret

One I'll always hide

A dirty little secret

Forever locked inside

     of my mind

        tucked away

            where it shall forever stay

My dirty little secret


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My Catalyst

My Catalyst

Drawn together, as two like souls
Each suffering our own pains
Each just starting to carve our own path 
In the uncertain journey of life

Fate and her forces that be 
Brought us together
Broken hearts, Broken dreams
Afflictions and Addictions

We met head on
We bonded and soothed each others hurts
We gave each other support and strength
We became lovers and friends


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Don't Sell Your Soul Part I (re-post) & Part II

Don't Sell Your Soul 

Part I (originally posted 4/23/19)


I told him not to sell his soul 

That it would be unwise

The devil cheats and always wins

The end is your demise.

I told him not to sell his soul

It would be careless and askew

Satan laughs at all the fools who follow at his shoe.

I told him not to sell his soul

That he would never get it back

To find su...

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entry picture


   a blues song


He was comin' in hot

At lightnin' speed

Told him he was trouble

He just grinned


He just kept on burnin'

No end in sight

That cinnamon whiskey

Was his delight


Cinnamon whiskey

Breathin' down his neck

Hot cinnamon liquor

Puttin' flames on his breath

Flames a growin'

All orange and red

Flickerin' higher

Up ove...

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A hundred miles an hour, I have to slow down

Slam on the brakes, take a look around

My eyes wide open, but what do they see

A new life with new possibilities

Or an old one revisited, cuz that's who I am

The same old mistakes made all over again

The road's always uncertain, there'll be potholes, detours

I take a breath, taste the moment, hit the gas once more



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Falling In and Out of Love




Full of starry eyed glee




Feeling whole and complete




                                          Becoming two as one


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Happy Tuesday

entry picture

Extra large booth

Extra tall margarita

Chips and salsa

And a king size burrito

Mexican love songs and mariachi music 

Piped softly overhead

Smiling faces, laughter

Twinkling lights and colorful flags

A shrine to los muertos

Fajitas sizzlling at the next table

The aroma of onions as loud as the noise 

Lost in the ambiance

 "Will there be anything else?"

The mo...

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Your Pain

Your pain is my disdain

I wish to wash it down the drain

To be cleansed of its stagnant reign

Your poignant, festering pain.


Your pain has left a stain

The permeation of your bane

That never, ever seems to wane

Your omnipresent pain.


Your pain is inhumane

Such agony should not sustain

The one thing that I need to gain

Is freedom from your pain.



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What Flavor Are You

I like ketchup on my hot dogs

That doesn't make me wrong

Each and everyone of us

Can sing a similar song

Some people like caviar

Port wine and sauteed shallots

Others want a juicy steak 

Atop a bed of lettuce

Peanut butter and mayonnaise

Don't knock it til you've tried it

Curry bowls with jasmine rice

Take anything and fry it

Stroganoff, blood pudding


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How I Came to be an American

Inspired by Mae Foreman

My great grandparents left Italy and Sicily after World War I. They left to escape a growing fascist regime with aspirations of new opportunities in a new land. Far away to America. The United States of America. A fresh, new country. A land of hopes and dreams. They worked hard helping to shape the country that this is today. They took little with them and made do with w...

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What's in a Name


Across many miles

Vestiges of a simpler time


Dreaming of home

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What is Art & Who is an Artist

entry picture

Art relects life

In good times and in strife

We put it out there on display

Each story told in its own way

Dreams, beliefs and emotions

Poems and paintings of the oceans

Music, sculpture, macramé

Things we feel we must portray


Some create to make a statement

Others 'art' for beauty

Some can't help it, it just is

While some feel it's their duty



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5WH - Short Poem Challenge (in the Discussions section)

Who is God
What is religion
Where exactly is the after life
Why are we here
When we die
How will we know the answers

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entry picture

Why are you constantly running away

Do you ever, for one moment

Think you might stay



Just take your time

Settle your body

Then settle your mind


Take a load off

Sit for a while

Free your head and your heart

Then free your smile

Let it grow

Let it glow

Feel its power and design


And let the world see you shine



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My Poetry







It seems to me

This thing I see

Is not real or tangible

But if I dare to take a look

It could become quite manageable 

To have or naught

To speak for wrought

Of this thing that I'm not sure of

Could be for me a thing of might

Of that I could be right




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entry picture

Death was coming 

           around every corner

I sat patiently 

          awaiting its embrace

The time was close

          no more running

No more substitutes 

          to take my place

No more thinking

          no more doing

No more indulging

          no more pursuing

No more time 

          for having fun

No more time

          to get things don...

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Her road was long and she traveled far

Thus the Oasis beckoned

She sought refreshment, renewal, rejoice

And some rejuvenation 

There she stopped by for a spell

To drink and bathe in the replenishing well

Satiating her thirst and hunger

With water and a man much younger

Happenstance or happened by chance

It's really all the same

It was respite for one or both

There ...

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Pot of Gold

entry picture

The ends of rainbows do exist. I know for I have seen one. 

Faintly through the coluds. Across the water, alighting on a small mass of land.

Isleboro, in The Penobscot Bay. One of many gems off the coast of Maine. 

I stopped for a moment, snapped a picture. 

I did not have time to chase after it that day, but I know where to go to find it again.



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Summer in the City


Summer in the City

Thunder rolling off in the distance. The night is as thick as schoolroom paste. I hear the baby crying next door. Windows open wide in the hopes of a cooling breeze. But not tonight. Tonight it seems as if Satan, himself, has reached up with his fiery fingers and grabbed hold of the city. Cooking it and all it's occupants. There ...

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Mother Goose is Loose

Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes 

Have been a round a while.

Some of my favorite poems

Now and as a child.

But amidst those carefree lilts

There lie some deeper notions

That when really read and understood

Can trigger some emotions

Anger, fear, humility

Silliness and rage

Crazy stories, crazy people

Each and every page. 

Lessons learned

Tried and true

Some sa...

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entry picture

The bird in the tree

    looked down at me

And asked

     "Why do you cry?"


I told the bird

    "That is absurd.

          There's something in my eye."


The bird in the tree

    again spoke to me.

It questioned

     "Why do you lie?"


I said to the bird

     "That's rubbish and curd!

             Mind your own, by and by."


The bird in th...

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Trying New Things

I've been invited on a ghost hunt

So, I, of course, said yes!

What these people hope to find

I can only guess.

The eerie, the strange

The truly macabre

Haunting and daunting

Where does one start?

I've heard from some folks

About 'certain encounters'

Odd goings on

Alone in the darkness.

Voices and shadows

Movements, vibrations

Spine tingling visions


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ghost huntingmacabreparanormalsupernatural


The more I see

The more I know

Just like a game of tic-tac-toe

Three X's in a row


I win!

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I recently signed up for some intelligent fun

But oh my...

I was not prepared for what I would find.

WOL seemed a wholesome place

But lately some 'gents' have tarnished this space!

With challenges of edginess, some subjects have 'come up'

And what's with Bridgette Everette and that "d*** in her mouth"?

So my grandmother used Lux and my mother liked Camay

I never cared for e...

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Eric Was a Werewolf

entry picture

This is a true story.

  For Eric Parker

        And for Nick Bertozzi who was also a werewolf


Eric Was a Werewolf


Eric was a fine young man

‘Tho he was a little odd

Artistic and adventurous

With a likeable façade

A sharp sense of humor

He was quiet and kind

He loved to work with metal

He had a brilliant mind

But something was a little off

Something ...

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Ethereal Wisps

Ethereal wisps

Dance through lingering mists

They pull and insist

That you join in on their trysts


Ethereal wisps

The catalyst

Riding the rifts

Propelling the shifts


Ethereal wisps


As the fabric rips

And time tips


Ethereal wisps

Like ripples they slip

Ill confined from their crypts

Amongst and amidst


Ethereal wisps


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Bored in Study Hall. The Nonsensical Ramblings of a Teenage Mind

Purple pants

Pink top

Witches chants never stop

Blue shoe

Old hat

We've had a few

Fluffy cat

Green tie

Red sock


Alarm clock

Black hair

Brown eyes

We've had our share

Sparrows fly

Orange nails

White bow

Ship and sails

Always woe

Closed book

Dying dog

Fishing hook

City smog



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What Do You Know?

I don't really know that much,

Because there is so much to know.



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