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I’d always associated these with youth, mostly as a milestone marking the transition from child to adult.  Menstruation in girls, boys’ voices croaking.  Or it might be drinking your first pint or your first kiss.

But not exclusively so.  Further along the ageing path would come the menopause or wearing beige.

But it had always been a source of pride for me that I had got to the age of 67 and had never needed pills of any kind (apart from the odd paracetamol for back or headache).  Recently however, as part of an investigation into possible cancer (mercifully, clear) I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.

This is very common in older men and tamsulosin is routinely prescribed to relax this gland to make pissing easier.  And so I broke my duck and I am now on a repeat prescription.

A rite of passage, see?  Quite literally in my case.

Or, to be more accurate still, a rite of restricted passage.




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John Coopey

Wed 14th Aug 2019 17:47

The reality for me, MC, is that I can’t tell if they work. You can’t take and not take them as a control measure at the same time. I think I go to the toilet about the same number of times as before I took them but the flow is a bit stronger so I’m stood pointing for less time each time. But whether this would have happened without them... who knows.
The push-me-pull-me technique seems to help too.
And thanks for the “Likes”, Lisa and Ghazala.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 14th Aug 2019 15:40

Probably. "Repeat after me"...? ?

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John Coopey

Wed 14th Aug 2019 08:33

I was aware of that side effect, MC, but the guff on the box warned me of the possibility of this, which, I’m pretty sure, you have commented on before.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 14th Aug 2019 00:00

Poetry to my ears (or something!).
JC...I had this product mentioned to me by my consultant urologist
here in London, but having heard of it from chums (one of whom
found it affected his eyesight!), I gave it a miss and kept to nature's
remedies to combat the condition, especially as my latest PSA
blood check showed a reduced level (from the previous result), one
that was actually lower than that which saw me referred by my old GP in the first place!
My night time loo visits are down to one or less and I keep a watch
on things in a personal way that seems to satisfy the consultant
who was content to let it be as long as my (age related) PSA levels
kept to the "sevens"...which is the case so far. But then, age-wise, I can "give you" nearly ten years in the respect.
Moral: keep an eye out for side-effects and act accordingly. Your
body might thank you for it.

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