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Do you beg me mindful

as I behold your callous?


Should it be

that your lips become quaint

in shadow of your action?

Or will you remain encumbered

by the air and lie dormant?


Do not want nor follow.


The mammal consumed

by the engulfing rage

the creator has provided,

gleaming at the emissary.


Should you come to know thy will; 

have it polish...

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Image of A Ghost

Should one’s delineation

of the Mothers voice,

be presumed sound

in virtue and understanding?


The complexity of Her creation’s 

forget the limitations of their speech, 

amidst the abundance of sensory experience.


To feel, to listen, to understand.


Her children scour 

for their frequency.

Having not realized,

they seek only in the light.




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You speak of genius

while I ponder the level

in which I reside.


I bask in the sun

to discern my sequence.


The edge of the realm

where he exists,

I’ve waded.


I see now,

the pursuit is frivolous.


He is I,

and I am He.

I will remain there

on the hour written.


Though, for now,

we embark

on the perilous journey.


I imagine ...

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I'm Sure

As are the bridges we cross;

only when we cross them.


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Stifled by his word,

I seem to recall a coarse cast

approached in bitter tongue.


Why is it I cannot see?

Where has this particle

lain itself lonely?


Does it not merit approach?


These depths have been dug

many centuries over.


Why have we not found the bottom?

Why aren't we searching for the top?


I do not long to battle with 

his or his co...

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The world is constantly speaking

through dreams and memories.

A brighter day; this is the prospect

I’ve been imagining.


Look upon me with open eyes,

I’m finally shedding my disguise.


Gaze no further for your demise.


You are weak.


A paradoxical contemplation.

Resolve conflicting with meditation.


Eyes closed, it’s your bitter end.


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A romanticized vision

of a vessel less solitary,

confined by brick and mortar.


The seas of green wave to me, 

longing for the treacherous journey.


I shan't wallow.

Yet, set sail

through cataclysmic corridors.


This hollowed machines fury; 

bring me life through tides wind.


Souls warmth eludes me.

A torch-less ember

abandoned in transfer,


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The future speaks to me

as a brisk wind,

clashing and fleeting

with whispers and hints.

Knowing me better than I,

pushing as I remain still.


I remain filled with the

limitlessness of the universe.

My aspirations of an

internal power manifested.

The paths remain numerous

and bound to choice.


They call it a jungle;

we plant many trees.

The devastat...

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It is a stalk 

amidst the very many,

that sways a friendly 

greeting toward you.


This stalk, however,

is different.


It is a single stalk.

It stands and sways 

as the others do.



this stalk is different.


The stalk I speak of

I assure you, is not a legend.

I implore you to find it.

For if you do,

a bountiful meal is provided


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Why has the gaze

been placed upon the ants?


Universes aligned,

understand and acknowledge

a greater cause.


Should one expect

such splendor

from a hill of sand?


Intentions rest to wash it away,

and yet, we call to you.


There is a fog with dawn;

a haze with dusk.


You rest between.


Understand what you create.

It exists as a parab...

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Oh yes,

I had a dream.


A dream of

what death would be.


— the scariest thing.


Then I realized,

that would be the moment;

the most beautiful moment.


Given unto you,

what you’ve always

asked for.


— His voice.


So beautiful,

that your cries will be deafening

as you re-enter the world.


Reduced to what you once were,


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I answered no;

the paper kept them when I released the pen.

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The journey of the self-righteous man,

exists as a lone wanderer.
Along dirt roads,
amidst the beasts of our

Mother’s beauty and rage.

Solemnly riddled by plague of constructed foundations,
epitomizing scattered dismemberment.

Sunken soles into a wet earths puddle reflecting I,
the self-righteous man. Gazing down upon the earth revered,

with eyes of holy fire and vengeance.


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The whirlwind voices 

of the masquerade.


A scream from oceans wind,

to settled breezes through a sill.


A dawns ancient ray;

birth to the silence.


The mystery of the night.

Darkness as deep

as the depths of the soul.


The dreams of what’s further.

Expanded perceptions, embrace

counterparts to entwine.


The warmest hours solace.

Steady tr...

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I've seen the wolf

amidst the village.

He travels with the moon,

and holds an image

of the Island in his head.


There are remnants

upon his name as the day breaks.


He sees clearly at night,

and retains due process

of the lessons his Master’s

taught him.


To his eyes one must gaze.

With the affliction of his

teaching, pain must be

bared; sheep ...

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With the power you claim,

you must know the peril

of our divided bloodline.


You spoke with a whisper

and tore me in two.

One’s wisdom only

extends, until they realize

they have none.


How shall a descendant

march toward the light?

Should he follow bulb or candle?


Your quarrel

has left us here to ponder.

To bare the weight

of bickering childre...

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Day 3

Ah! Yes!


Here it is —

right through this door.


The mess has been cleaned,

you see!?


Not a drop on the floor.


That’ll do my dear,

we can’t risk it again.


Away we must go —

mere scuff on the chin.


But oh!


What a beautiful sight it was

my wonderful spouse.


How I do wish,

we weren’t missing the house.

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Dark Matter

He has heard it once,

we are primordial sound.


These intricacies of being.

The complexity of what's been woven, 

never knowing as we sway.



as motion threatens to leave us.

Light is to dark, as dark is to light.


Such maddening scenes of sacrament, 

that bellow from below. 

Those souls lost,

whom plead for redemption;

this light does not g...

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Oh, what a looming scream.

Rippled through the cast

of the soldering blade.


Of heroic tasks

the elders have made.


The pursuit is unknown,

as we stand tall and alone.

Perhaps a screech or a moan,

what a price we must pay.


A darkened glimpse,

of all failed attempts.

To enlighten a gaze

of where not, we shall stay.


Complacent creatures,


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I have to —

I have to.


From the place I’ve come,

to the place I’m going.












If you could only know —

only see.


I have to.

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A movement amidst the ripple, 

reflective of the paradigm.


Such an intrinsic 

placement of motion.


The essence

of our heavenly body,

suspended in the calamity

of catch and release.


To the eyes of the Master;

to the heart of the apprentice.


Our malevolence

embraced by compassionate word.


A step after the preceding,

a glance through the...

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Know young one,

I will not soon forget you.

Your transcendent energy

shall reassemble, 

as you continue in eclectic dwelling.


Understand through this,

your prowess has been 

strengthened and solidified.


Your reincarnation,

has been written to prosper.

I’ll pass by you one day.

You'll have risen

greater than I could have known.


As I had only beg...

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Catch & Release

Again – 

The Door.



there was no answer.


I cross – 

dust behind;

stain hath followed.


Forgive Me.

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How frail the mind becomes

when it must accept,

it cannot control their voices.


It is I,

who release and 

relinquish these binds. 

The veil of their

cumbrance, evermore removed.


The hourglass is fleeting

as I stand aside it watching,

waiting for the light of the sun.


The structure has been rebuilt.

We stand on the first plank

looking onward,


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There you sit

perched on my sill

and yet,


you’ve eluded me.


Why should you return,

that I may merely observe?


I aim to grasp

but am met with breeze

from your wings.


To the fields

and forests you go.


You’ve eluded me.


The moons luminance

casts radiance upon you,

perched on my sill.


My chin rests upon my hands;

eyes f...

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There will be a reason

I call to you this day.

You're fate entwined

with infernal offerings,

summons me to this cause.


Could you relent to me?

Would you dare to give the answer? 

Would I understand the question?


The shroud remains sewn.

The Thirteenth Cycle deemed it so;

His act was written.


I’ve gazed in His direction.

He adverted me to you.


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A plain of which none know.

To a point of singularity;

the rays wound tight to transmit.


The cusp of all we hold dear, 

shaping our deliverance from frailty.


Across eons we collide

with a weighted purpose.


Neither forward nor back.

The Majestic;


in what has always been.


Do not despair,

for I have always known you.

Our encapsulat...

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3 a.m.

I met an angel;

she spoke in the most beautiful of voices.

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