The Americanisation of Australia

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The Americanisation of Australia


It's not that I'm anti-American

But there's something I just do not like

It's this Americanisation of my country

My daily Australian life that I like


The use of this 's' or a 'z'

Confuses me (no, frustrates me more)

Australian English says to use 's's

While American 'z's are appearing more and more


Let's look at this closely a bit more now

Perhaps some of your words should retire

Nite is more logical than night, yes?

And tire is more logical than tyre


Can I make some logical suggestions?

Tort is more logical than taught

(Wherever's the 'o' in this taught word?)

So logic says sort should be saught


You're just talking rubbish now Aussie

Hello there? a Brit's come on board

(I almost wrote Brit you've just borded)

Yankee, it's center?? Oh gawd!


What a mess......



Pass the cookies.......




I think I'm fighting a losing battle..........


Don Matthews August 2019

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Devon Brock

Sat 17th Aug 2019 16:40

We could write taut instead of taught
but taut is already taken
The tort suggestion is possible
though due to tort reform
it is no longer legal
And as Lisa has doth showen
Nite is simply lazy
like sipping Lite beer
attempting to get hazy

Leftenant may not be as wierd
as one may think,
for a Loo tenant has had
way too much to drink.

Ok, stop it right now.
I need to fire the barby.

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Don Matthews

Sat 17th Aug 2019 16:28

Nite is just lazy
Leftenant is weird
Color looks funny
I must comb my beerd....?

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Lisa C Bassignani

Sat 17th Aug 2019 13:42

So, as an American, I noticed right away.

Realize or Realise
Color or Colour

Looks funny to me when it's written your way.
And a lot of pronunciations are different.
Like why is there a 'f' sound in lieutenant when you say it? Weird..?

Nite is just lazy (lasy?)

and if a bunch of gooses are geese, why aren't a bunch of mooses meese???

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