Put the fire out

people say "you are too nice"
such a strange thing to say
I believe you can never be too nice
not to the point were it is a flaw
if you see the good in everything
within your presence
how is that a fault
if you please people for the sake of
pleasing them by being untrue then yes
we have a problem
but being kind
being generous out of truth
only brings love
only brings out the truth
if someone wishes to take advantage of ones good nature
surely they are at fault
rather than the" too nice "accused
if there is conflict  aimed towards
to fight fire with fire
would spread fire
to put out the fire with water would make sense  to me
and yes there could be some temporary
or perminent damage from smoke
rather that than third second or first degree burns
be as nice as you want
be kind if you can
don't escalate the anger
simply end it
at your end
stop damage
save lives

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