All around us

All around us


Bones and ashes will ever remain

as with our memories they are the same

Vanished from this temporal life

we still possess their name despite

Nought can escape this earthly coil

we cannot outside its boundaries toil

All who have gone before us remain with us

their atoms and molecules still a part of us

We are physically held captive in this place

in different times but in this space

This dimension is an everlasting home

where ashes dust recline including bone

But where does the spirit fly to find its rest

is there another world which is the best

Does the spirit trannscend our dimensions

and know its ultimate direction

If so then there is a distant realm

to which we travel with our soul at the helm



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Adam Rabinowitz

Sat 17th Aug 2019 06:33

I really felt the title was a great choice. It helped me imagine the ancestors all around. Thank you for sharing.

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Don Matthews

Sat 10th Aug 2019 22:50

Yes Keith, as Devon says, the ever unanswered question.......but a never ending source of inspiration for poets......

Devon Brock

Sat 10th Aug 2019 21:58

That's the ever unanswered question, Keith, the core of each belief and faith, the hope of all self-reflective mortals and the million pages of philosophers. Well done.


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