Tranquility in your presents

doves pecking as our kiss is tending

lips lock our mind in a spell, as the doves sing their song, letters spelling in the air.

clouds draw me close for a better look

fractals in the nooks, lump to lump, baby rainbows extend their hand and shake with glee

telling my lover she is the best mother to be


She see's the beauty in my beastial nature, calming my waters with her soft touch

Her soul whir and purr a simple complexity, as my heartbeat stir and lock up

I give her the key, as we knit our chainlink family

desert storms hear calm as polar glaciers time travel, and unravel the mysteries of climate

the sun rises as she open her eyes and the moon always watches her sleep

it must be that the universe has found the light it seeks


Too close for comfort, all that is cannot contain itself

love knows no boundary

love is timeless


ears on the end of the bookshelf, soundly i speak in tune

she open herself up and i lay in her body language

Her voice jumps off her tongue then proceeds to dance in true belief

goddess dressed up in blatant regard for my well being


Honeymoon outing as the sun sets the stage, the both of us cross the threshold into better days

The mist is clear as i see our relationship bloom, bouqet in hand and her veil lift as our love unfurl


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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 19th Aug 2019 00:22

Her voice jumps of her tongue, such a good line, what a fantastic description of speech!

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