This Aussie Rhymer. What Are We Gonna Do?

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This Aussie Rhymer. What Are We Gonna Do?


Who's this Aussie rhymer

Giving us a serve?

Saying ain't nuf fun on WOL

Golly gosh! what nerve!


Don't he know we follow in

The feet of William Shakespeare

WOL has set the guidelines

To this Great Bard we steer


He has a silly habit

Of spidering round the site

Fripping here and frapping there

Frip/frapping day and night


He's playing with our lingo

Set down by the Queen

How dare he muck with Lizbeth

And make her look has-been


It's OK for this rhymer

To frip/frap round the site

He's all 10,000 miles away

No-one at door to bite


When he adds a comment

I'll give him credit due

He keeps within his serious

When poem's serious too


We gotta rein this renegade

WOLer in quick smart

Cos outside-looking-inners

Will think WOL's falling 'part


Someone has called him lovely

Lovely nutter. Wot?

We can't have nutters on the site

Lov-er-ly or not


He's just begun infecting

Our WOL website with words

From his New Age Dictionary

Like biggo, sheesh and swerd


Then maybe he is lonesome

Seeks interplay with minds

10,000 miles is long way 'way

He seeks minds, poet kind ?


So what are we gonna do?


WOLer 1: Promoting his New Age Dictionary on WOL is against the rules. Ban him.....

WOLer 2: But I like nutters....

WOLer 3: Send 'im to Shakespeer Rehab Senter. That'll edukate 'im....

WOLer 4: Biggo has saved my marriage. I do it naked and he can't bed me quick enough -Thankyou New Age ( Add spice to your marriage. 'Learn Biggo with Skbahadur' on my 'Biggo's in my Dictionary' blog.)


Don Matthews August 2019






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