Did You Know I Have Cancer

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First...No I don't have cancer. I wrote this from the point of view of someone who is dying from cancer.

We all know someone who has cancer and if not more than likely we will before we die. Cancer affects 1 out of 4 people. 

Did You Know I Have Cancer?

Or was it my bald head that gave it away?

Or was it when I couldn't stop throwing up,

Eat a full meal, or sleep in peace?

Did you notice how scared I feel?


Or was it something I said, or I didn't say that gave it away?

Or was it the wasting away or never knowing,

How or what I feel, other than this anger,

I wish I knew a better way to deal?


Or was it when I only dealt with the day at hand?

Or was it my tomorrows, I had no plans?

Did I give it away when my fear would take hold?

When I couldn't stop the tears to know which way I could go.


Or was it when you realized how fragile life can be,

Or was it when you saw my mortality in your own eyes, today!

Did you notice my prayers each morning, each day,

Asking for strength for yet another day?


Or was it the day I left this mortal realm?

Or was it my funeral, and finally our farewells?

Do you notice I am no longer in pain and though I have left your side,

I am much closer as an angel than I ever was when I was alive.


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Don Matthews

Sun 11th Aug 2019 08:47

You have given facts and feelings all wrapped up in one here Belinda. All in beautiful poetry.......

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