Bubble or void

Just like a bubble you disappeared, 
It was for years yet not enough. 

The affection and altruistic care,
it was just you and just you

You were a person till yesterday,
and today you are just a memory. 

I lost the only person who had cared for me, 
in this selfish and materialistic world. 

I wish and can just wish, 
If I could talk endlessly with you. 

And let my heart out, 

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The value of rain drops-Swami Vivekanand

By Swami Vivekanand 

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Inside the box

The bird of optimism, 

followed the sun ray of joy,

knocking the closed ventilator,

of the box in head,

the jail of overwhelming thoughts,

setting the ideas free,

refreshing the mind, 

the chirping bird with twig of creativity,

creating the nest of innovation,

ideas and optimism,

with the open mind,

is now filled with sunshine and songs,

after the bird opened it...

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Advice to younger self

If given chance what would you advise to the younger version of self?

I would ask my younger self

to worry less and keep working, 

things will fall in the place once time is right. 

To trust not so easily, 

trust is like diamond,

don't give to everyone.

Make self a priority,

at last but not the least,

learn to appreciate self.


That is all about me, what about you...

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Words, eyes and vision

How peaceful the relationship would be,

if words and intentions are aligned,

no deception just version of soul purifed.

Paradise the earth would be, 

if eyes could see heart and ears could hear unspoken words, 

distinguishing the cheese on trap or fruit for charity. 

This beautiful world, 

free from chaos of imposter or saints, 

innocent, pious and easily understood. 



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