The saucy, little squirrel

In the huge tree outside my window

Attacks each step through the great boughs

As if pursued by devils, a blur of fur.

Its precision is breathtaking.


It streaks like a russet-grey arrow

Flying along a branch

Right side up or upside down.

It stands on its hind legs, flashing its pale belly,

Stretching high for that twig with a tasty seed.

It hangs off a branch by a single paw,

Or its coiled tail,

Reaching far down for a nut below.

Down - down - down - DOWN -

And curling UP like an elastic band.

A tiny body in fluid motion!


It leaps from limb to limb

A shivering passage through the giant tree

Its weight so light, its force so deliberate.

Then it bolts head first down the trunk

Defying gravity.


It rarely sits

Except to peel a pod with dexterous claws

And ripping teeth

Dropping debris through the branches.


In the first light of morning

I slip from bed and spread the curtains

To catch the squirrel's early foraging.

Or, maybe - just its joy in the new dawn -

To be BUSY!

Winter is coming!

I smile, 'God bless, Little One.'

And my day is well begun.

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Mon 19th Aug 2019 20:24

This certainly has the voyeuristic touch Cynthia, and why not indeed? These cheeky creatures are incredibly versatile and finely balanced and flexible and strong and entertaining too. I think you have captured these qualities well! I couldn't help thinking of snakes and ladders....


Devon Brock

Mon 19th Aug 2019 11:14

Amazing creatures they are. Their acrobatics are astounding. Wonderful study on movement, Cynthia.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 19th Aug 2019 10:15

I don't know how anyone separates 'sexy' from 'pleasing to the senses'. I think 'sexual' in its best practice is 'sensual'. Now, this piece may have a hint of voyeurism in it, being watched unaware, but I challenge the idea that the squirrel thinks it is acting in privacy, any more than did the young man mowing the lawn.

I also wonder how humans can possibly imagine that we are superior animals.

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