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I love you

It is late and all is silent

The summer night has closed in...

A solitary espresso to ruminate

On the world... I love you.


Three simple words that encompass

the universe and all its beautiful mysteries.


I love you,

Your soul is with mine, as you sleep,

Like strange incense, they wisp and play.


Our souls know more than

they will reveal...


I love ...

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A darker shade of grey

I sit here and think without a blink

you fill my memories old

my stale tears, stained to grey

the once beautiful now in decay

Our garden in ruins

our bright red roses

petals dry







We have stopped the rain

my emerald green weep

another day

a darker shade of grey

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Crashing waves

The beats of my heart... still
lovingly embracing
the night sky
ember ebbs to forever

I witness the stars
as they greet
where souls meet
under a galaxy of

loving dreams
of forever

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I know

Fading memories

my soul concealing

hurt from my

aching heart

I am soaring

with majestic

angels on a bright red

persian dream

In a dream

where you never leave

In a dream

where you are still holding me

Tranquil sounds...

with every key

it moves me

further away from you

Paralyzed with fear

of forgetting your beautiful face

I know I...

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Ancient love

oh, lonely nights
liquid comfort
the classics a backdrop of a scene

Memories of love
memories of you
I do not hide my pain
I feel it

My pain demands that,
I feel
I remember
I cry

The morning sun
a new day
and more memories
of an ancient love

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The hope of a sunflower

a sunflower smile
on this windy sunny day
with hope of some rain

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I have loved you for years
but our love has been a rollercoaster ride
a battlefield of our souls fighting
our hearts breaking over and over

We both prefer our solace
it hurts less 
than for us to be together and 
fighting over a love that will remain
                                                              ... a battlefield

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Infinite beauty

A plum blossom greets
infinite beauty in morn'
while birds sit and wait

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A melody of love

Breathing on your skin
your body my canvas
with every brush of
my rosy lips,
the sound of 
my voice,
a melody of my
... love
 a never ending
... passion 
for you ...

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A morning kiss

Memories of a

long time ago ... fading slowly

I say goodbye to the sunset

while love

adores me

with a loving morning kiss

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lovehope. love

Evidence of pain

Brutal truths
... heard and felt
without any 
pretty words

I have tried
and failed
One day, you will need to read the
filed memories
and absorb all my pain

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One day

Share all the love
within your soul.
one day,
it will find
its way 
into your broken heart
... and stay.

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A river of memories

Johann Sebastian Bach,
the sounds that clear my mind
a river of memories 
... flowing

With every 
filling "Air"
into my soul

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Inside my soul

I find myself... thinking
about you
Beautiful lyrics

In the sound of
In the calm
of soft rain, drizzling

In all the little things
and inside the
The deepest part
of my soul

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Darkness and a pretty smile

In the depth of the ocean
darkness surrounding me 
my invisible enemy
lurking in the deepest part of my soul

emotions surfacing
faced with only
my own thoughts

my pretty smile
disguising my lies
my tears,
tell a story.

I am, ok!
my favourite line,
while tears
find their way into my heart

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Dance with me

Dance with me

your hands in places

I crave you

kiss my neck


Dance with me

till the sun greets

whisper what you need

all your desires


Dance with me

the stars our only light

our bodies

the only warmth

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My thoughts





In the wind



In a raging storm




and finally


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Memories of you

Waves washing away
The whispers from my soul
My heart breaking

Drowning all emotions
Wrapping my thoughts with a pretty bow
Willingly letting go
Of all of you

In my solace
I reflect
A glorious
New day

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Right here


Deep tranquil aromas

steamy mirrors

warm liquid all around

my senses come alive


fantasies of your touch

in places I soak

in this luxury



I lay back

and feel


You are right here, always!

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To the heavens

On this icy night

I look to the stars

With questions

And teary eyes


I surrender

To the heavens

And embrace 

The chill in my veins


Standing still





My soul

Filled with hope

I still believe

I will love again

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Our rain



My face drenched

My hair soaked

Our bodies cling


The sound of thunder

Rain gloriously cleansing our past

Our kiss

Our dance

Our rain

Our love


A memory of our first glance

Our first embrace

Our first kiss


This is our rain

Our dance

Our love




Complete at last

Gone with the past

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C o l l i d e

a Memory, of words

a Thought, of words

a Touch, of words


Our connection!

We collide!

With our words!

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love passionmemories

Dare to dream

Dare to dream

Because of you,

I laugh a little more

because of you

I dare to dream again!


I am thankful

for this miracle of you


We share

We care

We dare dream again!

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A Sigh

A sigh

a beautiful sunrise

the smell of lavender

the chill of winter

a sigh of love in my soul


in this moment

I live

I dream

I love

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