I give more problems to my wife

than she knows what to do with

she complains that I don't hear

and I won't listen

she gives me firm direction

yet I do my own thing

she tells me what she wants from the store

and I bring home something else

she tells me Not to operate the washer

but I do still do

she tells me to stay out of the kitchen

but I don't

I find instructions hard to follow

my attention tends to drift

somehow though

she still loves me

despite all the negatives

there is one positive

I am the one

who always takes out the trash

such is love

when you get old.



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Don Matthews

Wed 14th Aug 2019 12:50

dk you have a problem
(Or else your wife has one)
You gotta sort your differences
And feel you both have won

Now take this lack of hearing
The simple answer's aids
And at your age they should be free
(Unless no Medicaid)

She gives you firm direction
But you turn left not right?
dk you've got a problem
Your neurons are uptight

I feel like I'm a doctor
Working out what's wrong
Using a rhyme prescription
To bounce your life along

Boing boing boing......?

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keith jeffries

Wed 14th Aug 2019 12:28


I never realised you were so recalcitrant but such a trait is often found amusing than an irritant. Keep taking out the trash and don´t rock the boat.

Thanks for this


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