School’s Out

The summer’s here, and kids are home all day,

oh deepest joy! What am I gonna do?

They’ve got the house in total disarray!


I know, you’ll say that this is nothing new,

but you don’t have to deal with all the noise;

sometimes it feels like living in a zoo!


It’s just the second day and all their toys

are strewn around the floor in every room.

And did you know that girls were worse than boys?


They argue all the time, and I assume

the silence is a temporary truce;

can’t wait until hostilities resume.


Why did we ever think to reproduce?

In retrospect, we were completely mad!

And what’s the worst you get for child abuse?


Believe me friend, it really is that bad,

and though I wouldn’t smack them for those shrieks,

can they not turn the volume down a tad?


Despite it all, I love the little freaks,

but how’m I gonna last for eight more weeks?

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Don Matthews

Thu 15th Aug 2019 00:30

I have no children (school age)
They've all packed up (fled/gone)
They couldn't stand their parents
They've gone, fed up, they're done

I whimper whimper (Trevor)
Why did they so us hate?
They didn't even sup with us
Before they shut front gate

I've suddenly seen light (Trevor)
Their noise caused so much grief
They wanted to relieve us of
So left for our relief.....?

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Trevor Alexander

Wed 14th Aug 2019 17:22

Written with deepest sympathy to those 'lucky' people who have young children of school age! ?

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