The Cult of Cosmic Buzz

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The Cult of Cosmic Buzz


Lead us to the Cosmic Buzz

Swami Poet Don

We will gather, sup with Thee

(What ever's going on?)


Lead us to the Cosmic Buzz

New-Age Poet Don

(Wait till we go comb our hair)

(I know what's going on)


Poet Don's a charlatan

There is no Cosmic Buzz

He wants to lead his Cult of Buzz

Why? Just cos he does


Critic, you blasphemer

Our Poet Don, our Lord

He's leading us to Glory Land

(You believe this shit? Oh gawd)


You gullible, you followers

Believing New-Age twat

Your Lord is satirizing this

With all the skills he's got


Now come on New-Age critic

(Who? Me you're talking to?)

Profound or whether twattish-like

We will decide, not you


Don Matthews August 2019


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Don Matthews

Thu 8th Aug 2019 00:49

The underlying message here was you can't tell people what they should or shouldn't like/follow but they the choice should be left up to them. Whether other readers got this I don't know. Hello? Don's up to his silly stuff again....move on to some serious stuff... what? Cult of Cosmic Buzz IS real stuff?.....could've fooled me.......

Glad you 'saw the light' and enjoyed it Adam

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Adam Rabinowitz

Wed 7th Aug 2019 16:47

I love 2 or 3 voice poems and certainly got a kick out of this one.

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