It’s hard finding the words 

To describe this feeling 

Alive, breathing in my thoughts 

In my grasp loosing meaning 


Someone chaining my voice 

Sucking the air i ought to be breathing 

Crushing the soil that I walk 

Ripping my dreams in pieces 


Making it clear it will never stop 

Not abiding to any reasoning 

Reaching an edge I never crossed 


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A door facing a door next to a door next to a door 

A door then another one paving a way through endless doors 

Doors that you like doors that reminds doors to your soul 

Doors that seem right doors that feels light doors you abhor 

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Time after Time

The mornings waking up to not a single dime 

Time after time

Your face is lingering on my mind

Time after time

Is this you whispers I hear on my rhymes 

Time after time

The glasses are emptied of all the wine

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It’s hard to realize 

I’ve never wanted to admit 

I’m the one who compromised 

To flee the truth I had to split 


It’s hard to realize 

That I never knew you 

Even with blood ties 

You were never once true 


 Hiding behind the size 

Of unwavering values 

To claim the title of a wise 

Tho hollow and of no use 


Giving you a sense of pride 

A need t...

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In the pages I’ve touched 

Had Dust of a land I sur exists 

My instinct was clutched 

A thought that persists 


Ive searched till I crutched 

Ive hated my trips 

The eyes that were clushed 

By the wholeness I’ve seen 


A consuming lust 

To all my being 

A building trust 

The curse of freeing 


I’ve looked so much 

But denied reaching 

My f...

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Exiled in a foreign land 

Sentenced to never leave 

Afraid I took a stand 

To fight my urge to grieve 


I tied my faith to my hands 

Afraid I walked asleep 

Blind my feet brushed a sand 

The first hope and leap 


I thought it was the end 

I know where to see 

A view that never bends 

A key to something new 


To the night the only light 

Can’t be b...

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