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how funny in the darkest places

you see the brightest lights


in tears sunny faces

for hope cede their rights


in dirt purity rise

a consolation a shore


imaginary gods

giving you support


but even after breaking

all the bracing lies


still I can see in the darkest eyes

a glimpse of a familiar crying child


with deafening screams


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burning hands

i gave it some thought

what i wanted i got

what i dreamed of and sought

wrapped my hands around it taut


in your eyes I've seen

shades of purple and green

pieces joining to form a stream

making real what u see in dreams


but in that peace i found

a slowly growing sound

luring me to the ground

in which i grew and drowned


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its not about seeing whats inside 

when it's locked with white lies 

it's about giving up your ground 

to a fall giving a blink of a rise 


to no highs and downs 

to straight lines 

to watching skies being found 

to question generations aligned 


countless walks 

wont lead you to new lands 

sometimes you need to stalk 

rivers with no ends 


even omni...

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stranger to my eyes

i shape you as i want

a saviour a life

a thought that taunts


a need to fulfil

an escape of what is real

a message a chill

runing through my spine


longing for words

a machine a drill

walking through halls

to cut my reach


an urge a need

a longing for deep

for something that may not

be even real

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easy roads

the road begins with mighty hopes

walking down the rocky roads

she dips and drops an then she gropes

the dream of gods and all the odds

and then she meets the strangest folks

that turn around and speak with codes

that live and laugh and then tell the jokes

about people of the rocky roads

and sell the dreams meant to provoke

her gods the odds and the mighty hopes

and a...

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forgotten dreams

In two eyes just one dream

living through one stream

if I was told the scheme

would I have stayed


silence filled with thoughts

no place for hidden spots

who wouldn’t have sought

for ever more


but time took your heart

and now we grew apart

i wonder when I did start

to look away


now in my lonely nights

you visite as sweet sad sights

and in the...

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a song

Happiness is like a song

it never goes beyond 10 minutes

of course you can play it anew

once or two but one too many times

and boredom will visit you


now all you have to do

is hope for a redo

hope for the next song

to come along

and keep you company


if your lucky a bit

your song will be a hit

you’ll give it a name

and live with it

and make sure i...

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a tinkerer's heart

swimming between two ponds
I forgot where i belong
I belong to everywhere
yet nowhere seems like home 
a travelers heart never settles
for his heart longs always for where he isn't 
if you want to talk
I can only say im not all here ur talking to just a tier
if you need to put a place on my face
your heart is the only place fitting
oh brace the times for they are changing
one day u will...

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if you open my book theres one page

I read and mistook for many days

not that I could do otherwise

for life made it look luring to my eyes


its not what you read that drags you

not even the feed you get too

its all the things you can get

from filling the strings that are left


even tho everyday goes by the same way

tomorrow may sway to have different say

even ...

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Under pressure a preacher confesses his sins

He looks into his eyes and sees god

Is my god good ? Is my god kind ?


He walks to whatever end meets tomorrow   

And walks again until nothing’s left but sorrow

Show me your god maybe he’ll understand


Under pressure a preacher flees until he reaches god

To see him flee this time from his sight

Will your god stay ? Why i...

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shapeshifting statue

under the coldness of marble

mournful and tremulous warbles

of obscured figures of circumstances

unborn children denied first glances

beyond the coldness of their core

gift of the mother they abhor

resentment and murderous fire

the fear of a promethean desire

when everything grows apart

when everything goes silent but your heart

when dreams are so close to reach


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sleepless nights

every night before I close my eyes

murmures of a long forgotten tale

nightmares given a tongue

life you had young

life you put on sale


following the pattern i close my eyes

nothing bright to light the night

only murmurs to drown, petrify

life you lost to cry

life with no insights


following the pattern i shut my eyes

all those sleepless nights and days


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remembering is such an easy task

I see my dead body

flaoting on the streets

like an old used piece of cloth

full of blood and memories

that are forgotten

by everyone but me

the smell of skin fliling

my nose cavities

an earth that is only here

to make my scent


a person thats only job

is to forget

a body that reminds me

of long touches

a brush into a skin

that is burning


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black holes

In the middle of a hectic day

I was sitting listening to sounds

water dripping

sun burning skins

coffee machines

cars being driven

people talking walking screaming

inside of it all was a voice

screaming to be destroyed

earth was pleading for those who care enough

to stop it from being

a meaningless end to a meaningless being

without a purpose earth became hollow


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The sound of water falling down

reminds me of the days

my eyes were obsessed

by a ground that always

stood unchanged

i still remember sweet voices

following the ground

making it less alone

the ground was a piece of home

I was carrying out with me

I remember when the days

were rough looking down

would cheer me up

now looking down has

lost its effect

now ...

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catching surprises

If the world is full of surprises

would I catch some luck

if I jump higher

would I catch a smile

from an infamous desire

would I catch light

from a flaming fire

or would I just fall into a satire

be consumed and tired

get burned and be called a liar

if the world is full of surprises

would I ever meet stars

if I walk more through dark lanes

would I talk to the...

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talking to a brick wall

talking to you is a headaches

waking you up at 4 am

talking to you are period cramps

talking to you is a baby crying

for four nights and a day

talking to you is waking up to a monday

talking to you is biting down

on a grain of sand

talking to you fells lonely

talking to you is the pain of

of one sided love

talking to you is failing your life

talking to you is de...

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What it takes to love

I don't try to hide
The darkness in my soul
The self confidence that was stolen
From me . how much I'm alone
Because no matter how long the night
The day finishes to come along
Hiding behind my darkness
Hiding behind the sadness
There's hope waiting
For the right moment to pope
A smile hiding
For the right people
To blow
A love big enough
To overwhelm and glow
A city of million ligh...

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Wondering eyes

I can feel their eyes
On me touching me
Like wondering hands
Out of place
Every inch of me
Becomes a face
A place to look at
My mind stops working
And I start looking
For flaws they can see
My hands tremble of fear
I loose my soul
To become a thing
Runing eyes never stop
Runing eyes learn to talk
If no one sees me 

Do i loose myself

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the trap

She stands tall next to me

capturing me with her eyes

she knows I want to flee

waiting for my vision to rise

to give her a sign,

so she can sit

and start talking about her boring life

how I fucked up mine

I'm evading her eyes,

but she keeps telling me

how I should stop that and this

I keep staring at the window

waiting for her to leave

not answering is not en...

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New eyes

reading texts
Writing hollow letters 
It's no easy quest
Looking for depth
Real emotions hiding behind
Dull sceneries
Describing your garden
As a mourned person
Or tears with no reason to be
I long for the joy
That two words can provide
When combined
But mean nothing alone
Looking for depth
Is no easy quest
Especially when the world
Is full of hollow things
To find meaning
You ne...

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runing games

My face is a carpet

a place  for your feet

a race I will never win

my hands are for carrying your things

my legs are to carry your heavy being

my arms are to support you

my heart is useless so its never grew

my eyes see only what you see

I was made only for you

would you please take me

tormenting questions about who aim

ended when i saw you ma’am

don’t make me l...

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a play

She knows my weaknesses

she just knows the spots

I spent years gently hiding behind

layers of lies and dead skin

she takes everything

I’ve worked for in a minute

with a word with a line

with a finger, undermined

with a smile on her face

she tells you to brace yourself

for what is coming is greater

what is coming is more

it's not a spot anymore

this time it's ...

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special conversation

Looking at unknown streets scrolling

unknown faces and unknown places

i have discovered for another time

how much alone I was on earth

my body kept getting bigger until

I was the size of a planet 

I couldn’t hear a word

no matter how much people are loud

I was a planet in the vast universe

so I tried to speak the language of planets

but all that came out of me were te...

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She’s the only rose inside afield of thorns

she’s rough around the edges

between a million and one thorns

she learned it hard to look

and never speak your mind

a prisoner of her own world

her heart always close to collapse

too fragile but not too fragile

when it comes to give everything you have

she was born to give her heart

even if it means death or never seeing the...

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it's easy to talk about what we don’t understand


create shortcut stories we like to replace reality


and criticize  people that we can’t stand


or at least that's what I see


today I wasn’t quite me


when I looked at my reflection


it was like I became another entity


the image in my head reached perfection


and for a minute i almost believe...

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eternal slumber

He griped her hand tight

without her consent carried her with him

it was so sudden it took her minutes to fight

he was taken her to a room very grim,


pushed her in ruthlessly

there was no light nor hope

shut the door loudly no way to flea

alone in an envelope,


to be submerged by the night

years of work to suppress tears unshed   

are being taken away in blin...

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the pain of silence

This situation is not worth

even for those who don’t have

to carry the weight of a heart

or those who never weep.

those who hear silence

find themselves being

torn into pieces.

silence is never a sound

but a memory very profound

when ever you hear sounds

in the background

silence comes to join you

comforting reminding you

never to sleep when

life has forgo...

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hate I thought I lost it

hate sleepless nights

hate yet no one saw me quit

hate my smile was always bright


hate never begged for you

hate I cry when everyone’s asleep

hate no matter never subdued

hate I won’t ever be cheap


hate something’s eating me

hate all i ever got from you

hate you'll never hear a plea 

hate i'm the one you threw


hate the twi...

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lies and love

I don’t know why today

your voice has a weight

domed to always stray

a burden put in my plate


I don’t know why today

your logic screams provocation

I lie when I don’t find anything nice to say

and remember yesterdays admiration


I don’t know why today

hate’s living in our table

just say a word and pray

the weight is bearable


I don’t know why today


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dream river

Hidden in dark lows

a river filled with stars

shining bright for those who nose

strange things in their scars


once your eyes stumble

the light steals your soul

the river’s close but unreachable

running through a black hole


floating beside the stars

a million dream and more

waiting to be poured inside a black jar

do you remember what you swore



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I think of all the things we didn’t need before

and the thought is enough

to make my heart open doors

that i never dared before to huff ... To


my heart gets warm to the things we accomplished before

and then I wake from the sweet dream that restored

the faith that once was sore

but its enough for me just for the record


you didn’t need a face to be heard

your lo...

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broken wheel of fortune

I remember the days I used to weep

for what wasn’t meant for me

the things that were deep

with no meaning once in your hand they flee


I remembered the days I used struggle

all by my own to find meaning to little things

that now with time seem dull

getting your life attached to dangerous strings


I remember the days when troubles were easy to find

like dust on th...

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so long ago

It seems so long ago

since I heard a voice whisper to my ear

hello, you are not alone

were here with you in this earth dear


it seems so long ago

since I brushed someones skin

to remind me that the flame was never turned low

I was just too loud to commit a sin


it seems so long ago

since my voice was heard out loud

I began to forget my own blow

it resonates...

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They tell you to speak up

they tell you to smile

but all I hear is shut up

your big fat ass is vile


they tell me to be me

to be scared no more

but all I hear are urgent plea

and warnings of war


they speak of themselves like angles

if you hear them you swear your head its true

but inside they are devils

dressed to please the new


don’t you dare come...

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Bright candles and wine

sweet voices intertwined

two suns that shun the same month

lovely but too lovely to be mine

I wish I was a bubble in the air

with no destination floating without care

but in my head bubbles fall too

like shooting stars in a night sky

I've wished for silence all my life

today silence is a lake drowning me

I'm so lonely, I wish I could be forgott...

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to sleep i always carry death in my hand

and instead of counting sheeps

i try to forget my name

maybe sleep would come to me

if I’m someone else

erase all memories

walls i built disappear

no matter how much i run

night mares chase me like a fugitive

i begin to show withdrawal symptoms

i succumb to the all the temptation

ill just say it one time the last time


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unexpected friend

Today I left my face at home

tired of being myself

i wanted to be no one

yet no-one is someone

and even without a face

people kept staring

no face no emotions no errors

a blank page a mirror everyone

in the midst of losing my essence

a sunbeam brushes my skin

whispering to my ear

even without a face

I can still see you

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father figure

You sold the soil you grew up on for cheap

you gave up your roots and origins to please others

you kept on following vain desires and now you weep

go back to your home no one would want you but your mother


I sold my country without bargain

I was never one of you and will never be

I don’t acknowledge the people living here not even one

I sold each one of you and for free


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I walked by where we used to hang out

my heart aches and I can’t keep my eyes still

her hair, her face, her figure

I see her in every one that is walking

I try not to look for you but whenever I walk here

my eyes move without my consent

I still haven’t figured out what I would do if see you

yell at you, curse you,slap you

I imagined it a million times in my head

yet I kn...

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In a world where its always night

her smile became a sun shining bright


in a world in black and white

she created colors with delight


In a world where there's no reverie

she drew wings on every entity


In a world where there's no direction

she invented steps of happiness and elation


and in a world of nothingness

she made everything she needed and plus


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I can hear them talking,

distant voices

though I’m near,

swerved from my body

please stop this blast

words interweaved with other words

a pain that grew hands

and is messing with my brain

words becoming places

people, walls and a catastrophe

Im put in the middle

living the stories they are telling

unable to move

I cry and shout

but my body is unaffected


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doors to oblivion

Memories slip away from me

like water slips away from a broken glass

perhaps the greatest faculty of my mind is its capacity to flee

the saying time heals wounds is not true, alas

first door :

sleep offers us retreat from reality

no wonder when I’m hurt all I can think of is falling asleep

but with time you lose the key

you never learned what to throw and what to keep


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I'm not crying today I'm not sad I just feel small

powerless in front of an inhumane system

heads down ,everybody crawl

where is the courage and hope or do we need another victim


don’t you dare raise your voice

we are living in a world where hope became illegal

but you can still buy it ,it's your choice

its price is pain not anything material


but if they see you h...

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my depression

My depression to others is like a disfigurement

a hideous thing they don’t want to see

my depression is like a hairy mole once u see it

u can’t take your eyes off of it

my depression makes my parents cry at night, so they try their best to hide it

my depression makes me hate my parents

my depression makes me do things I regret

my depression makes me yell at everyone

so ever...

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III of swords

she asks me to follow her and i do without care

i wasn’t obliged but didn’t have anything better to do

unwillingly i take a glimpse at her, she has an air

where we are going ? i didn’t have a clue


the sun was shining bright and i didn’t have anything to share

so we kept walking  until a wolf broke the silence

« shh shh » » she goes , the wolf passes by unaware

i look at h...

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when you meet a sequence of coincidences

you need to transcend logique and consider signs

you may not fathom it but life holds a lot of signs and blesses

like words heard out of their initial lines


not all we see and hear is true

true meaning lies deeper for those who pursue

today something happened that made me go angry and blue

it made me think and the more i thought th...

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when i think

feathers stroke walls lost in the depths of a dark sea

a grotesque thing came to life with such a complacency


love and desire are not so so much alike

one comes with vows and the other with just a strike


when you look with your eyes you don’t see

i don’t want to bewitch you as much as i want to be free


féculence is féculence no matter how embellished the word is


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