Full Moon Rebirth

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A bit of witchiness for today's full moon in Aquarius


Your time has come

Your star has risen

All past mistakes

Have now been forgiven

Inspiration and luck

Will surely follow

There's brand new hope

For a brighter tomorrow

You have persevered

The prize is your power

You were once a seed 

Now you're a flower

Be ready & alert

In time with the season

Your a child of the earth

And here for a reason

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 15th Aug 2019 16:04

Sounds great Raj, and a great setting to find future poems

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Raj Ferds

Thu 15th Aug 2019 15:49

Whitchever way it turns out I will be out in the forest tonight Ruth, camping with a friend.

For me the Lovely Luna in all its fullness triggers an awakening and transformation where the spirit transcends all earthly limitations.

Thanks for that.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 15th Aug 2019 15:43

Thanks for reading Ghazala, yes I agree in the end you begin to realise that materialism has it's limits to fulfilling the human soul.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 15th Aug 2019 15:41

I can imagine those cheeky leprechauns of yours dancing in the moonlight actually Nigel

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 15th Aug 2019 15:36

Ha,ha is that your alter ego Nigel? ?

Ghazala Lari

Thu 15th Aug 2019 15:33

Leaves us thinking our purpose of life on earth. More spiritual than materialistic. Great share.

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Nigel Astell

Thu 15th Aug 2019 15:27

Suirauqa the witch
reads your poem
while making a spell.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 15th Aug 2019 15:16

Thanks Adam Glad you liked it

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Adam Rabinowitz

Thu 15th Aug 2019 15:08

Super inspirational...well rhymed.
Thank you for sharing

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