I never like to be ANGRY as it is an awful feeling.

As often we do regretful things when all tempers hit the ceiling.

Because after that YOU might be the one who ends up getting blamed!

And then it may be YOU who feels the GUILT or SHAME!


I never like to feel BORED and have all my interests unoccupied.

Where we find we cannot doing anything whether we have or haven't tried.

I never like to be ANXIOUS and not know where to put myself.

And I never like to be NERVOUS and appear weak to all else.


I never like to feel SAD for then I also feel ALONE.

And though I always wish to cheer up all I seem to do is moan.

And another feeling I do dislike has to be that of FEAR,

Which may often turn extreme as DANGER becomes near.


I do though love to feel HAPPY but from where does it exist?

For sometimes when I do get there it can just turn into mist

And so then it may disappear as if it was a mere illusion.

Which can seem to me unfair and also brings in some confusion.


Sometimes I feel the life I lead is not the one that I had always planned.

And my feelings are something that I do not understand.

But I must be positive and make this force with which to be reckoned.

That is how I must live my life - put HAPPINESS first and MISERY second.

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