When I travel I tend to count things

Plaza de Mayor arches

Miles and hours

Money spent and 

Potential penury


It is not that the number matters

I see the difference in liminal light

Hear the lilt and length of the language

Unfamiliar tastes eliciting pleasure

or the firm conviction of non-repetition


But I have always counted

Comforted by the finite

A life’s tally

Wins and losses

Joys and sorrows...


The Unquantifiable

I do not count

Children sleeping on streets

Mothers with tears

Sirens and gunshots

Ghosts of genocides

                    These wrap themselves around me

     A spiraling vortex

                    Viewed from a distance

      A symbol of infinity

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 9th Aug 2019 13:59

Hi Adam,

That's an interesting and I think true representation of what people view when they travel incidentally.

I think that count should be turned on its head. The fact is the majority of people view the world through media which is easy to turn off when it gets a little too graphic.

It is a measure of peoples true concern whether they turn away or become more interested and involved. It's all very well crying out for change and listing the unfairness of life in the scribblings of endless poetry, another to get off ones arse and do something.

I know this from personal experience and much time spent in places of great misery. To then come home and listen to couch based philosophers with all the answers has historically resulted in eruptions of sporadic violence on my part, that is what I call action.

Personally I feel it is our duty to not keep the misery and injustice visited upon others at arms length. It is entirely possible by acknowledging and embracing their plight that we can generate positivity and improve their lot, (a proven fact) even if on an individual level. Such action is preferable to surrendering to our perceived impotency.

After all it isn't up to everyone else, is it?


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Rose Casserley

Fri 9th Aug 2019 10:25

reading this Adam gives me a great feeling of the need for us to always remain positive keeping the negative not forgotten but held at very long arm's length. Much enjoyed.

Rose 💋

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