Bipolar Fragments

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The Art of Poetry

I've been told by many

The art of poetry's dead

I believe it's alive on

Pages they haven't read

(stanley victor paskavich, bipolar, writer)


Please Dear Reader

Please dear reader read this page

It's one you haven't read

And tell me if my poetry's

Alive or is it dead?

(don matthews, bipolar, writer)


Soldier Freddy

Soldier Freddy
Was never ready,
But Soldier Neddy,
Unlike Freddy
Was always ready
And steady.

That's why,
When soldier Neddy
Is home in beddy

      (spike milligan, bipolar, writer)


Slowly But Surely

Slowly but surely

I will write myself

Into a writer worth writing about

And listening to

Slowly, but surely

(don matthews, bipolar, writer)


Don Matthews August 2019 (written 2017 at the beginning of my poetry journey)


(BIPOLAR DISORDER – Imbalance of chemicals in brain. Born with it. No cure. Extreme mood swings. Controlled with medications. Often very creative)

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Don Matthews

Wed 21st Aug 2019 22:41


When you get to my age
You don't care what you say
Just wanna get things off your chest
Sing hip hip hip hooray......

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Mae Foreman

Wed 21st Aug 2019 17:37

You've outdone yourself in this piece! Bravo Don! I applaud you for your bravery and for your poetry. You deserve to be published! I hope it happens for you!
Thank you?

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Don Matthews

Wed 21st Aug 2019 08:53

I'm looking for a publisher
To like and print my verse
To print it for posterity
Before it gets much worse

I'm looking for a publisher
(Who's sillier than me)
To publish my wit/wisdom and
Broadcast 'round world to see

It would be very nice I feel
To light and let me fire
Excite all silly-lovers 'round
The world 'fore I expire

Where is my publisher?.....

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