Morning has broken

It's a morning of

Infinite possibilities 

And everything 

Might change

Showers heavy

Thunder likely

Time to cut away

This knee high rough

Heads are in the valley

Waiting to

Break the news

Afraid of losing

Their ground

Habits are shaped

Dependency and addiction


And the lady of sunlight 

Crashes through

The clouds

Shaking her golden locks


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All the same to me

All in all
Things work out
It seems to me
That this is just
What they do
So you can
If you choose
Worry about
This way 
And that path
This person 
And that monster
You can lose sleep
Over tonight
Or tomorrow
Or today
Or the things 
That have already 
Or you can
Let them happen

An old man once 
Said to me
Let be 
And though
I understood the words
I d...

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In This World

In this world 

There are 

Many things

Some things

Are better 

And some things 

Are worse

And some of the

Better things 

Are actually worse 

And some of the 


Are actually 


I digress 


But there are 

Always things


And what you 

Do with them 

Or without them 

Is the measure 

Is the weight 

Of your soul 

At the...

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The point of everything

Once upon a time 

There was a question

But I didn’t really 


What the question 

Was supposed to be 

Or which shape it had taken 

Or how it looked 

Or felt 

Or maybe 

I was too busy 


About the answer 

To give the 


The time 

And the energy 

And the respect 

For it to 


What it was 

Supposed to be 



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What matters

I don’t like the 


I mean

Once upon a time 

I was up for it

Heads on poles

Warn the 



Hearts on the sleeve 

And all that 

Clap trap

But now 


They haven’t even 

Got the decency 

To be 

Secret assassins 

They haven’t got the bottle

To shrink 

Your head 

Dress it up 

With a spell

Now they take you 


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The Lamb

I wish you meant 

What you said

I wish you said

What you meant 

I wish I 

Didn’t know 

This half life

Between the 


I wish I could 

Read you 

Like a 


I wish you weren’t 

The magazine 

I didn’t buy 


I’d read it 




There are things 

I could tell you 

(And have)

Which I could tell

No one else...

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