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We fell apart so effortlessly.

Like snowflakes from a cloud.

We looked like we were floating,

but reality was the ground.


We came to pieces.

Like leaves withering in fall.

Our hearts and our heads,

got mixed up in it all.


We lost our color.

Like paint drying in the sun.

We didn’t mix the right way,

thus the breaking had begun.


Is this a sad story?


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The Potential for Light

Weren’t we always taught from day one,

that as soon as we see the moon,

there goes the sun.


Well don’t you think we’ve been staring at the moon too long,

knowing there’s a sun?

Knowing the something out there, is a something that’s bright.

And maybe our planet is dark,

but I have not failed to notice the hidden light.


The lights in the eyes of a laughing child,


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What Of Laughter

What of the writings of laughter?

What of the humble ramblings?

The vain attempts to expound something

so small,

so soulful,

they only write what happens after.


What of the thought of laughter?

Of remembering the soul shaking,

of heartwarming,

stomach aching.

Of teary eyes and the best way to cheat the quiet game.

They skipped to the next chapter.



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Sitting in the Stream of Consciousness

The running out of blank space

in my notebook,

leads to the running into blank space

in my head it took.


What should be written,

is done,

and what shouldn’t,

remains locked away in my thoughts that tend to run.


And there’s a certain lost feeling,

one gets when they have no more poems to write.


It’s not that I can’t see the beauty

in you anymore,


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I yearn less for you to touch my skin,

and more for you to touch my heart.

Because I must admit,

it was your soul that drew me in.


And while I wouldn’t mind,

being wrapped up in your arms.

Perhaps I could be wrapped up in your heart.


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Starting Point

They told me,

life would its have ups and downs.


But lately its been winding down,

to more of a flat road.

I’m sure you’ve heard, the one you’re on so long,

you forget where you’re going, it goes on so slow.


Stories of,

great revelations, heart wrenching trials,

some wonderful epiphany.

Self-discovery and all of its battle scars.


They promised,

I wou...

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Shapes Part Two

And then there was you.

A circle.

All soft and endless,

like a faded sunset,

or the infinite horizon.


You were warmth and strength and light;

all bundled up in a circle.

You encompassed an insurmountable worth,

in that shape,

the shape of your heart.


You uplifted mountains when their jagged peaks were drooping,

you stopped the oceans tremulous roar.


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Shapes Part One

I met a boy who was a square.

All edges:

On the edge of catastrophe,

On the edge of addiction,

On the edge that we often stand on

At least once,

Contemplating the distance to the ground.


Then I met a girl who was a triangle.

She was three people in one,

She was the girl who partied too hard,

Whose wrists were often scarred

And the package of “I’ve got it all t...

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