Brexit Poker

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Got on

His poker face

He says there'll be No reshuffle

Poor ol' Borisย 

More disgrace

His hair

All in

A ruffle

'We need to leave

Before Bewitching Night

I'm really in a rush'

But we all know they can't get it right

We'll never get our royal flush



#brexit #poetry

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Don Matthews

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 23:59

If 'ass yep true' is a type of royal ass you should really write it as 'ass-yep-true', or more precisely assyeptrue (as opposed to an 'assnottrue'. Makes sense?)

You did get across your message correctly. It's just my neuronic mind...๐Ÿ˜‹

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Don Matthews

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 23:52


I'd begin making your own party poppers and hats now cos on the 30th the UK birthday supply truck coming from France is going to be mile-long gridlocked at the channel. Guess you could postpone your BD for 3-6 months......๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 23:51

Very observant typo Don! This I that made that disgraceful error I have updated that now ha ha but the royal flush yeah sounds like Ol charlie on the loo, and I have heard he does have someone to wipe his ass yep true.
But royal flush is a poker term where you have the full suit lined up, the analogy being all countries in the EU being in agreement with us for a deal, well that's what I was trying to say!

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 23:47

What a great day to have your birthday Jason, well you should be holding some cards of greeting, if not then will be a digital meeting with all your fellow WOL ERS!

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Don Matthews

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 23:42


Damn! I think we're havin' a right swinging party here on screen. No politics, no demos, no gun lobby, no flip-floppy clowns. We can all hook up again on the 30th for some do-si-do at Jason's birthday.

Put my Aussie mind at rest here Ruth.

Is 'discrace' a more cultured way of saying 'disgrace'? Less gutteral?

Is ol' Boris a discrete way of saying 'lol Boris'

Is a 'royal flush' something to do with the Queens toilet?

Please excuse my ignorance. We're bit uncultured down here......๐Ÿ˜‹

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 19:00

Ah, the witching night. It'll be interesting to see whether we're holding any cards at all. I'll be busy anyway, it's my birthday ๐Ÿ˜.

J. x

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 16:08

Ah but the party is so conservative Nigel I'd rather the leprechaun rave

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Nigel Astell

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 16:05

Deal or no deal
do the Boris shuffle
back at the party
down at number ten!

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