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Dean Fraser on Boots 2 (7 days ago)

M.C. Newberry on Boots 2 (7 days ago)

Dean Fraser on Every Day A Celebration (10 days ago)

on Every Day A Celebration (10 days ago)

Rhododendrons And The Hudson River

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Unexpected botanical specimens appreciated as we wait

Rhododendrons growing wild, well untamed at any rate

We want to see it after dark, adding textures, night views

Navigated Hell’s Kitchen, towards our Liberty Cruise

Flowers near the ferry office, she takes photos up close

Standing back I admire, a poem in my head I compose

The tour starts, Liberty awaiting our pleasure

Our ...

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Totally Fitness

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Taken from my audio-book 247 POEMS. www.deanfrasercentral.com

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Nature Freely Gives

Jack In The Green awakens from his slumber

Spring is upon us, nature in all her wonder

Gaze in awe of rebirth, renewal, fertility

Stood deep in the forest, deep within tranquillity


Robin Goodfellow his mischief to perform

Souring milk, trampling crop circles from fields of corn

Tripping those who into the green wood unwary tread

Laughing, yet another traveller away from p...

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The street infused with an amber glow

Changing moods and colours into a twilight reality

Of half remembered days before

When night was dark and a panorama of stars stretched out across the sky

All the constellations existing as everyday entities

The Pole Star…re-assuring in its certainty to guide the way

Whole Oceans being crossed using only the night sky as a map

Compasses be...

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#poem #story

Boots 2

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He slept with his boots on

Although true sleep is alien to him now

A cacophony of sound disturbs his slumber

Fear being his daily reality

He had volunteered, the Chorley Pals they called them

His friends were right there with him, wanting to do their bit

He had been in the hell to which they sent him for only two weeks

And yet he had already outlived all his Pals

A veteran ...

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If I Take My Leave

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Every Day A Celebration

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Remember, Remember…the what of November?
Was sure there was something…try to remember
Dates in a diary reminders of significance
Sure there was something...just think perchance
Perchance to think…or was it sleep?
Or is perchancing to think altogether too deep?
Ahhh good old computer the answers I seek
To google or not? I’ll just have a peek
November is Vegan Month…hurray!
I’m writing this...

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Taken from my audiobook 247 Poems

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#poetry #travel #NYC

The Water Diviners

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dowsingpoempoetrywater divining

City Life - Follow Your Bliss

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#poetry #motivation #inspirational

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