The New Version


Don't like the new version?

why not

are you against progress?


if you don't like it


we did it anyway

just because we like to

annoy people


we changed the look

the whole configuration

so you won't recognize anything

you will be lost but that does not matter

we changed it up just to confuse you

thought it was funny


the version you had was fine

but we are paying these geeks big money

and they have to justify their existence



no matter that it was

easy to read

and easy to use

you can't go back to the old version


now we have this fancy New Version

which we put on your computer

without anyone's permission or agreement

we just did it 

to make you mad


we toy with you

like a cat with a dead rat.



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Don Matthews

Fri 2nd Aug 2019 00:55

From my own simple look at New Version
The only thing to me that has changed
Is the cat playing round with a dead rat
Where before it was playing round with mouse

This makes me mad......

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Thu 1st Aug 2019 19:23

It's nice to be honest and it works in poetry but you wouldn't find it in the corporate world I guess. Several layers at least of gloss with no undercoat. Yours truly Ray

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keith jeffries

Thu 1st Aug 2019 17:07

Yes... we are certainly manipulated by esoteric language set confuse.
Thank you for this
Keith (unashamed technophobe)

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