I Am Your Master, You Are My Slave

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I Am Your Master, You Are My Slave


I scream and shout to what avail

What am I screaming 'bout?

This damnable, this Smart/Iphone

That's chained us to it's route


It rules our life – addicted

We are, it says “Watch me”

Talk/looking at your neighbour is

Against technology




“Hey! You can't do this to me

Leave me home alone!”


Don Matthews July 2019

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Thu 8th Aug 2019 15:59

like what happened to having to wait until you are talking face to face with whoever you need to or will they need to know you are just scratching your arse at this very moment.

Do me and this planet, a fucking, humungous favour you ungreen idiots and get the fuck REAL!

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Don Matthews

Thu 8th Aug 2019 14:38

Mirror mirror
Selfie me
You rule me
Oops, I rule ye

Mirror mirror
You've made me
Phone addicted
Look, you see?

Mirror mirror
Crash boom bang
Didn't see
Car, mustang

Now I'm up
In heaven high
No mirror
Damn says I

Moral - don't look down when taking selfies......?

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 8th Aug 2019 14:27

"Mirror, mirror in my hand."

J. x

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 8th Aug 2019 12:04

This obsession is encouraged by big business that seeks a market
and creates the atmosphere of "need" to make it happen.
These devices have their uses according to circumstance but the
sight of folk wandering around with them on "permanent attention
mode" is hardly likely to encourage a feeling of confidence in the
mental agility to anticipate and/or deal with sudden unexpected
occurrences of any sort, especially those of a threatening or
hazardous nature.
I own a "dumb phone" - which I willingly admit to having its uses...
most conveniently AS A PHONE! ?

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Thu 8th Aug 2019 09:26

A big concern all this electronic controlling of our lives. Totally unnecessary of course - I put my phone on 'no notifications' as if that works. Your frustrations are certainly known about and shared. Well put. It's not like you can put your phone in the water - like you oughta - is it? I mean - even the bloody sat-navs want to give you a hard time. Watch out for the next generation of gizmos they'll be offering to wipe your nose next. Pesky things.

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Don Matthews

Thu 8th Aug 2019 08:40

I gotta have my phone
Always in front of me
Cos someone might be texting
A bomb when driving, see?

I went and left it home today
I took this poem's advice
A text said friend had heart attack
And now I'm paying price

I'm 'dicted to my mobile
Hold it in my left hand
Dances with me when I groove
Selfies also, damn it's grand

So how do we now overcome
Addiction to our phones?
Mine's always with me – pocketed, unseen
(But he's my slave, I'm his master....)

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