Fingers of God - Meditations of a little cat

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What is the difference between

Good and God?

- can't always see IT

- can always smell it

- can't always demand it

- can almost always feel it

- it always seems to find me

- it calls to me through the day

- I can hear it, even if I'm miles away!

Feels warm

Feeds food

Fills soul

Feels good, great... God!  But only if I'm still

I have found a process to get what I want.

- if I sing and pray 2 times a day my body is full

- and every night I meditate and am still....

And i wait for the 'Fingers of God' to cover me...

To fill me full of love

To stoke every part of me and fill me Full of love

To recognize what makes me feel good and make me pray out loud, the more I purr.... More more more

To be filled full of love, pouring straight, just like light, through the fingers of Good.


These fingers bring me food

These fingers groom my fur

These fingers find my hurt

These fingers are my home.


My fingers of God fullfil me

I am a happy cat


Until those fingers forget me,

Or, I am to busy for the fingers to find me.


I must remember to make myself available at least 2 times per day to feed my soul

And to stop and be still, and choose a time at least once a day - when the world grows still


To meditate and feel the fingers of my God,

A pure  LOVE

That's just




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Jason Bayliss

Thu 19th Sep 2019 20:57

We could learn a lot from cats (and dogs😀).

J. x

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