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Poetry Slam

Poetry slam
Bang on a can

Gesture and prattle
Crank the rattle

If it's funny
I spit the dummy

If the poetry slams
Throw the toys out the pram

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I'm just that guy from the open mic

It's not important - you know my name

I'm just that guy from the open mic

Naked and quick like firework flame

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Distance lends / Enchantment to the view*

Roll up

Join the tour


Look around

There’s a Shard n’ the London Eye


Weeping and saw it all

The laundry never shuts down


Sprouting chrome and glass

Soaring drone over the underpass


Too Many Mr Bigs from here & there

Too big individually to take on


Watching Games of Thrones

Sword fights in the street


Young boy died of stab wounds


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