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Telegraph Poles

The liar: lying: unblinking
Endemic corruption stinking
This country's slowly sinking
Am I alone in thinking?

Spoons nation increase the drinking
Man-made shackles clinking
Unfunny joker winking
Am I alone in thinking?

Of the truth there is no inkling
Brexit "Great Britain" shrinking
The one-eyed man is him: King
Am I alone in thinking?

Of more than the economy
Of others worse o...

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Pub / Life


Your local pub got shut down
You didn't go elsewhere
The world - it started shrinking
We thought you'd disappeared

Your local got closed down
You'd never go elsewhere

Meet up at the meat raffle

Familiar faces everywhere

You went out to work
To do the shop
You sometimes went to Weatherspoons
Finished off with a kebab

You read the Spoons magazine
The "UK's most popular po...

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