The Choice

Death, dying, passing, departure, dissolution

The fear of the end, but why

For some the end is the only answer

For some the darkness is the light

For some it is the saving grace from the hell of the light

This world can be so cruel, so cold, so unfair

For some the only answer is a bottle, a pill, a blade

Those are the people we push away, we judge, when they may not have found their light had we just takeen one moment

Those taking their own life are not the selfish ones, it's you

It's you for walking past

It's you for not taking one second to ask, "Are you okay?"

It's your fault we had no other options 

Death is every emotion

It is hatred towards a God who saved your life just months before

It is hatred and anger towards the man who chose a drink over watching his little girl grow up

It is denial that he is actually gone, that the voicemails are over, that your light is gone

It is depression of the little girl cryin in her car to work each day wonddering how to even go on

It is bargaining whether she should join him again no matter what that meant for everyone else

It is the struggle and guilt of being happy again without him

It is appreciating life a little more

It is something that will forever change his little girl

It is the fist through a wall and a wine bottle busted on the door

It is the miscarriage of his granddchild from the stress, the emotion, and having to choose one life over the other

Who do oyou choose, mother or child

It is the smell of the fog on the mountains

Death is many things so what then is life

Life can be the dark past, the nightmares, pain, the everything

Life can also be the smile he puts on her face as he calls her beautiful

It can be the cup of coffee in the morning or wine at night

It can be the paint on a canvas, the laugh of a baby

Living is a choice

How you live your life is up to you, but it is okay to choose you

It is okay to choose life and love and happiness even if you're still sitting in the darkness


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keith jeffries

Sat 17th Aug 2019 19:51

A wealth of emotions with a philosophical ring to them all. The last three lines speak to me as I have reached the age of 70 years. Words of wisdom which will stand the test of time

Thank you for this

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