Dissension within

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Dissension within

Monday,12th August 2019


You are tied by unity slogan

and that is the need of the nation

whereby we stand under one flag

and call by name under one tag


we are no more individuals

but people

of strong country

to stand firm for the protection of an integrity


no race. caste or religion

directs the people of the region

it is sentimental bond

that makes you not the second citizen


so when you call your self as an obedient citizen

you are adding the pride feeling of the nations

you become an integral part of the union

and in turn, the nation takes the responsibility to protect you


no nation can tolerate dissension within

as the dangerous consequences are seen

out from these activities

and it proves counter to the nation and nationalities


so let us not be guided

and aided

by the disruptive propaganda

that is seen as their agenda


Hasmukh Mehta

Courtesy: Indiatimes.com




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