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Covid Vaccinations

We now have a cause for celebration
We shall defeat Covid by vaccination.
Against this virus we all must fight.
To be immune is now our right.

There are different types of vaccine.
And it's the biggest project that we've seen.
They are distributed throughout the nation,
And for all the workers give appreciation.

When I was first there I became afraid,
But looking back I'm glad I stayed.

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The State of World

All people now seem to crave success,
Though this road may be one of stress.
And so many try to be perfect,
Knowing success brings respect.

We all appear to be in competition
To get more money and more recognition.
So why do some have an endless need
To fulfil a constant greed?

So away with envy and with hate,            
For we now have bigger things upon our plate.
The world now ne...

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Covid 19hopePandemicStuart VannerSuccessThe world

Company - Yes or No?

Sometimes we yearn for company.
Sometimes we must be alone.
We may like to vent our problems,
Or fix them on our own.

And if we are handed puzzles
How do we find solutions?
Should we do it by ourselves, 
Or with help and contributions?

And when we feel sad or down
We often just ruminate,
But should we take comfort in others
To get us back to feeling great?

Though when we're feeli...

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CompanyLockdownStuart Vanner

The New Year 2021

As we welcome in 2021,
We are pleased that last year has now gone.
So what now shall this new year bring?
Will we once again laugh and smile and sing?

Of this virus can we soon be rid?
As we abhor the dreadful things it did.
And it is now time to cling to hope,
As last year many found it hard to cope.

What has this new year got in store?
We shall not yield to Covid any more.
So will ...

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