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Is there something we must hear or see
Which will then satisfy our curiosity?
Is it a thing from which we may not escape?
And dose it cling to our backs just like a cape?

Do we ask yourself, "What is it I crave?"
And does resisting it then make us brave?
In our minds does it always reside?
And is it only gone when satisfied?

But by curiosity are we still followed?
Can it be destroyed ...

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Stuart VannerCuriosity

Becoming a Better Person

Be sure that you do not forget
All the guilt, shame and regret.
Then from your faults you must now learn,
And into a better person you will turn.

Now you'll see how you should have behaved
Realise your soul can still be saved.
Then into a good person you will become.
Know all your mistakes can be undone.

So behind you put your past.
Do it right now and do it fast.
Now you'll know wha...

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Stuart Vanner

Self Improvement

Should we strive to be wiser,
And strive to be greater?
Should we try to be early,
And not arrive later?

Should we strive to be nicer,
And to be more polite?
Should we strive to be honest,
And to always be right?

Should we strive to be happy,
And always be contented?
Should we strive to be liked,
Rather than be resented?

Should we strive to be known,
And also be respected?

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Stuart Vannerself improvement

Hope and Belief

If you should live a troubled life,
In an unhappy existence,
You shall find you can get by,
With patience and persistence.

If you don't know where you're going,
And you feel completely lost,
Know new directions may be found,
And new bridges can be crossed.

So in yourself you must believe,
With great courage and with hope,
And you shall surely then survive,
And against all struggles ...

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Stuart Vanner HopeBelief

Nobody's Perfect

None of us are always good,
Yet none of us are always bad.
And while no-one is always happy,
None of us are always sad.

None of us are always right,
Yet none of us are always wrong.
And while no-one is always weak,
None of us are always strong.

None of us always thinks clearly,
Yet no-one's always confused.
And while no-one's always dissatisfied,
No-one's always amused.

None of u...

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Stuart VannerPerfection

Life Stories

Is your life story a happy one?
Is it blissful and uplifting?
Or do you find yourself with no direction?
And always seem to be drifting?

Does your life story have some purpose?
Or are you just going through the motions?
Do you understand your heart and mind?
Or are you confused by your emotions?

Is your life story one of great success?
Or have you lost your zest and zeal?
Do you live...

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Stuart VannerLife storiesLife


As we come across a waterfall,
Which may be large or rather small,
We see the water trickle slowly down,
As it makes a soft and gentle sound.

We find them in the countryside,
Where wildlife may also reside.
They take our angst and our frustration
And bring us contentment and relaxation.
So surely it should be our duty
To appreciate this special, natural beauty.
As they give us calm ...

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Stuart VannerWaterfalls

Envy and Aspirations

It must be nice to be intelligent -
And have many a clever thought.
And also to have endless skills,
And remember all you have been taught.

It must be nice to solve all problems -
Whether simple or complex.
And to have a brain full of knowledge,
Which you've learnt from your subjects.

It is must be nice to be envied
For having lots of special talents,
And for completing different cha...

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Stuart VannerEnvyAspirations

Giving Gifts

If there's one thing that is sure to give me a lift,
It is to buy someone special a wonderful gift.
It's a process which always starts off with a thought -
Searching through ideas till my eye has been caught.

The next step, which I relish, is in the buying.
It may feel so nice that I believe I am flying.
Once I have got it and have then brought it home
I enjoy wrapping it up all on my own...

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Stuart VannerGiftsPresents

To Find Some Meaning

I often think about the past.
Had it been too slow or too fast?
Then I ponder on what might have been.
What I might have done and might have seen.

I think about all the times I've wasted,
And how I took for granted the things I tasted.
Where am I going? What am I doing?
What became of the life I had once been viewing?

Now all I see is a fog so dense
That in this life I can find no sen...

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Stuart VannerMeaningHope

Grinding to a Halt

If your mind becomes imprisoned,
And the whole world now seems strange,
And the things you once enjoyed
Now no longer make a change.

If your life now has no reason,
And you just exist from day to day,
Just drifting between each moment,
And it doesn't help what others say.

No matter where you may be -
Whether in the country or the city,
All your interests may have dissolved,
And you ...

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Stuart VannerHopeHopeless


If you'll work upon your self-esteem,
You will follow each and every dream.
And if in yourself you will believe
All of your goals you'll then achieve.

And so with life do not play games,
Just be sure to meet your aims.
And to other people do be kind,
And bear their happiness in mind.

So do not go back on resolutions.
Work on problems till you have solutions.
Try not to be weak or be ...

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Stuart VannerResolveresolutionsbelief

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