Whatever we do. Whatever we say -
We must do it with zeal, and do it today!
So in ourselves we MUST always believe.
And we'll be proud at what we did achieve.

We must remember to be enthusiastic.
Then we'll be not just good - we'll be fantastic!
So with confidence we'll be twice as great.
And we'll be praised - without any need to wait.

And with great fortitude we must endeavour
To tr...

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Stuart VannerEnthusiasmZeal


Why do we have music?
How and why does it affect us?
It is a great and special art,
Which surely does connect us.

Why do we have music?
Is it to exult our souls?
It may bring us cheer and joy,
And make us feel whole.

Why do we have music?
Perhaps to give us a nice feeling?
And it's a universal language,
Which is lovely and appealing.

So why do we have music?
To see into the comp...

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Stuart VannerMusic

Basketball 🏀

Basketball is a great and wonderful sport,
And one that must be played inside a court.
As the players move the ball must bounce,
Whilst the other team they'll hope to trounce.

They pass to members of their team,
Of which they'll hope to be the cream.
They'll take their aim and then they'll shoot
To get that ball right through the hoop.

The spectators cheer their team to win,
And when ...

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Stuart VannerBasketballSport


If there's one thing that I always hate,
It is when my life seems to stagnate.
And when it's wheels grind to halt.
I may then try to see what is at fault.

I have lost all of get up and go.
I ask: What should I do? But do not know.
Could I find something that is exciting,
Play a sport? Or just do some writing?

My mind is a large but empty chest.
Totally devoid of all interest.
I'd lov...

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Stuart VannerStagnationboredom

Nelson Mandela

Once there lived an amazing man -
Nelson Mandela was his name.
And though he suffered much injustice,
No-one would he ever blame.

Twenty seven years he spent in prison,
And with much cruelty he would face.
And while he felt to no-one hatred,
He wished to make the world a better place.

Without bitterness or vengeance,
Everyone he understood.
And though he was badly treated,
He saw in...

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Stuart VannerNelson Mandela


We must never be ruled by our circumstances.
We must follow our hearts and follow our chances.
No matter how hopeless. No matter how late.
Know that we are special and we can become great.

We must also know that hope does exist.
So know that we are free and this will persist.
Take down those books from our mind's bookshelves
And ponder those wise words as we read to ourselves.


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Stuart VannerBeliefHope

The Seeds of our Minds

All thoughts start off as seeds 
Then in the mind are sown
And slowly they will germinate
Then we'll all see what has grown.

We may look with fascination,
After the thoughts are introduced,
And with great amazement,
See what has been produced.

But be careful what you plant,
And see that it is nurtured.
And hope it will swell into fruit,
Then you may receive an orchard.

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Stuart VannerThe Mind

The Truth Will Out

Whatever you do. Whatever you say-
The truth shall always out one day.
It shall be seen. It shall be known -
Whether done with others or alone.

It shall be found out. It shall be discovered.
It shall be unravelled and uncovered.
What you've spent. What you've saved,
What you've said and how you've behaved.

How hard you've tried. How much you've learned,
We'll see what you've seized an...

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Stuart VannerTruth


Why do we sleep? What does it do?
Why is it important for me and you?
Sleep helps amend our waking pains.
And tries to cure problems in our brains.

Sleep may be hard if you are too warm,
Or if your mind is in a dreadful form.
So sleepless nights can be frustrating,
And the following day so irritating.

And how do we get ourselves to sleep?
Can it be done by counting sheep?
Or is it th...

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Stuart VannerSleep


Where do we all find beauty?
And of what does it consist?
Is it made or is it natural?
And where does it exist?

One might find it in a person.
They may have lovely hair or eyes.
Or is it in their personality?
Is that where beauty lies?

Do we find it in the weather?
Perhaps it's in a summer's day.
With blue skies and precious sunshine,
And we'd love for it to stay.

Do we discover ...

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Stuart VannerBeauty

To The Future

If you find yourself with awful luck.
And that in the deepest hole are firmly stuck.
If you feel from it you'll never rise,
That the world is cruel and harsh in your eyes.

If you feel there'll never be a tomorrow,
And you'll never leave your path of sorrow.
If you feel your life has no point or reason,
And it's loose ends will never find completion.

You must know that life is always ch...

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Stuart VannerThe FutureHopeDespair

The Rollercoaster of Beethoven

Beethoven - we truly love to hear.
He may bring us sorrow or send us cheer.
It is like riding on a rollercoaster,
As we enter the mind of this great composer.

At times it may be slow and steady,
But what is to come? And are we ready?
You at first go up but then shoot down,
And you feel you'll crash right to the ground.

We go side to side and round and round.
We may loop the loop - go ...

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Stuart VannerBeethovenRollercoaster

A New World

Each person today should have freedom of speech,
Then universal justice could be easily reached.
So every person should be given a voice,
Then we shall find fairness with freedom of choice.

For this justice to prevail we must have the same rights.
With the world's meekest person still able to fight.
So if anyone's sick they should then be looked after.
If anyone's lonely they should be gi...

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Stuart VannerNew worldEqual rights

My Injury Time

I was once injured in a time gone by. 

To describe my dread I now shall try.

I broke nine ribs and gravely hurt my arm,

I asked, 'Do I really now deserve this harm?'


Twelve days in hospital I spent,

So slowly by they all surely went.

I lost my freedom and my dignity 

And no-one understood my agony.


I was in great and constant pain,

And like this I thought I wou...

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Stuart VannerInjuriesHealth

False Advertising

One thing I can't stand is false advertising,
Though it happens so much, it should not be surprising.
So while you think you are getting a wonderful deal,
Later you may discover those claims were not real.

When you make that transaction you may feel elated,
But when you get what is sent you may be deflated.
You may then be cross and you may be distressed.
You may feel foolish and are far ...

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Stuart VannerFalse AdvertisingCons

Nature Poem

I adore our Sun for it brings me cheer.
It takes my angst and takes my fear.
It makes me happy and it sends me peace,
I then believe this feeling shall not cease.

I relish the great, green rolling hills,
And with so much joy - my heart it fills.
And I love the sky when it is blue -
I then rejoice at this delightful view

With wildlife one sees all around,
Such beauty it must to us asto...

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Stuart VannerSpringtimeSunshine


On Putin's hands much blood does stain,
From the dreadful invasion of Ukraine.
Russian tanks and armies have been sent
To destroy lives - much of whom were innocent.
Senseless and evil - it must be described,
As many Ukrainians flee or try to hide.
Putin - a man the world must surely despise,
As we hear his words, which are full of lies.

While Ukraine still tries to show resistance,

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Stuart VannerUkraine


Being drunk can take us to a wonderful place,
Where we may be merry or just stare into space.
We may become silly but reactions are slowed,
And we may either be calm or we may explode.

Invincible is how we often do feel,
Where the world is all great and life is ideal.
We may believe we'll be like this for ever.
We can become lively or think that we are clever.

We may reveal feelings or...

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Stuart VannerDrunkennessDrinkAlcohol

The Wall of Life

In life we build our special walls
Behind which we choose to hide.
It makes us feel safe and secure,
And it keeps us all dignified.

It shelters us from all the world,
And it makes us feel respected.
But this wall can be knocked down,
Which is often unexpected.

And if your wall is now destroyed,
You may now feel quite exposed.
And others may then stare and laugh,
And your faults beco...

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Stuart VannerWall of Life


Sometimes justice does not prevail,
And life becomes unfair.
Sometimes the hardest workers fail,
And hope turns to despair.

Sometimes we see the fat cats thrive,
And the little people do then suffer.
Sometimes the careless do survive,
While judicious lives do become tougher.

Sometimes punished are the good,
While the sinful are rewarded.
Sometimes the best are misunderstood
And the ...

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Stuart VannerJusticeHope


Bowls - it is a wonderful game.
And each time we play it is never the same.
To reach the jack - it is the mission,
But first we must put it in position.

Pick up your bowl and take your stance,
Then right ahead one must now glance.
Round in an arc your bowl should go,
Something of which we all must know.

But in certain moments when times get dire,
One may even feel the need to fire.

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Stuart VannerBowlsSport

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