Men don’t like to show their feelings,
So they must seem strong and tough.
And they must not show signs of weakness 
And while some are refined, others are rough. 

Men deal with one thing at a time,
As they cannot multi-task. 
And while at times they may need help,
They are then afraid to ask.

Men do not like to return things,
As it’s awkward and a hassle. 
But they love to be king o...

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Stuart VannerMen


As we look at our society,
We'll see one that creates most anxiety.
It's one that we should all despise.
It is one which no-one should disguise.

It is a bully - as they bring distress,
Turning good people's minds into a mess.
To destroy confidence is their aim.
Then after that they'll just do the same.

For victims they will always seek,
Searching for those who seem weak.
But for what...

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Stuart VannerBulliesBullying

Looking back...

If we look back in time and see
All those who brought us misery,
Should we hate or should we forgive?
With which of these should we now live?

Shall we find peace or be embittered?
Shall our minds be clear or with troubles littered?
Should we in joy or sadness wallow?
And which of these paths should we follow?

Shall we resolve to be dejected?
And accept when have been rejected?

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Stuart VannerLooking back


Is it important to get recognition
For all our achievements and ambition?
Is it important others know when we are good?
Not have our names dragged through the mud

Is it important for us to be seen,
And have people know just what we mean?
Is it important to be highly praised
And in all perceptions firmly raised?

Is it important to have popularity
To be understood with total clarity?

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Stuart VannerRecognitionJustice

Keep to the Right Path

Whenever you start to fret or worry,
If you feel impatient or in a hurry.
And you realise that you may be stuck
Walking your path of dreadful luck.

You feel despondent and dejected,
And by the whole world quite rejected.
Then you may ponder and you may think,
How much lower can my despair sink.

But can you just step off this road?
Can you set your mind to a cheerful mode?
Your view o...

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Stuart VannerHopeDespair

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