Let Me Breathe

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Writing poetry has become 

an automatic response 

to the slightest wave 

of rejection 


washing me up onto the shore 

covering me in seaweed 

and telling me i dont 



Rejection blankets me 

in teary eyes 

tugs at my heart 

leaves me to die 


As if the society 

that rejected me 

dunked my head 

under the sea water  

and my weeps were 

drowned out by their 

maniacal laughter 


My heart thumped 

and my lungs screamed 

my arms flailed 

as the world failed me  


The burning fire 

engulfed my windpipe 

my eyes bulged 

as the pressure intensified 


as humankind showed 

no mercy and 

killed my psyche 

and in the autopsy 

i can almost guarantee 

you can see the words 




etched onto my lungs 

with traces of human fingernails 

as my peers tattooed those words 

onto my body

in a fit of blinding rage


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keith jeffries

Sat 31st Aug 2019 21:22

A powerful personal presentation of human emotion when the spirit which dwells within us is thwarted. The words are fired like bullets. A great piece of writing for which I applaud and thank you.

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