Autumn Stardust - Time is ours to control, we just gotta let go

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Look at this configuration of Atoms as seen through refracted light, 

languishing in their delinquency, trapped together, collected, 

a moment in time.

'Time' - made of our own constructs, wishes and rules.

Something to push us!

When we feel the pull....

A self-emposed penalty with promises of Gold!

Do everything fast, and follow the plan, there's prizes you know?! 'Reputation Certificates' dolled out by 'da Man'.


To sit and reflect,

contemplate our own light, to wallow in the depths of our own souls delight...


A losers game of 'idleness'

we are conditioned to think, more fuel for the Devil in his workshop who's just stirring up the stink!


Some call it mischief, a trick of the mind, I call it foreplay and that's too be kind!

For it's our own devil's mind-muck, that we claim for ourselves, the thinking and wishing we'll never get old. 


The mischief that's real and holds hostage our time, is that O.L.D. is a bad thing, an empty gold mine.


How incorrect, says my lady to me.... the more I keep digging, the more I am free!  


I feel the fabric of old constructs falling away,

my mind much more flexible and ready to play!


Always room for improvement, to shine a new light, for it's the learning and the sharing, 

that makes 'life's design'.


Autumn Atoms in Stardust

Is our gold and our right!


As we move to our future, let's let go of the night, the shrouds that confine us, the wrong and the right....

Time to say 'no' to others designs, people's ideas of who we should fight.


Close your eyes and open your mind, to the infinite vortex that is your Mother Time.


For it is 'she' that is Golden, Stardust and Light, let her love right on in you and glow through each night. 


Choice is our gift and we've paid all our dues!

It's time to have fun with it, 

play some sassy tunes...

For 'time' is all ours now! to share and invest. 

Just think!?! the more we spend it and use it....

we'll never need rest!!!


We are all Stardust and most of us Golden,

as Joni guides us, let's get back to the garden.

Heading towards 50 with Stardust and Atom Light as my guides ►


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Jason Bayliss

Thu 19th Sep 2019 21:08

It's a question I've asked before, although not as eloquently. Who made the rules, how did we get stuck in this toxic construct where you wake, you work, you die?
And why is it a "treat" for us, the one creature on the planet (as far as we know) that's intelligent enough to truly appreciate it's beauty, for us to take a few moments to contemplate it all.
A change is coming, I can tell you that.

J. x

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