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Long summer days of endless play,

without restriction, to explore

where dragons roamed for us to slay,

imaginary trolls and more


With wagon trains of pioneers

we forged new trails across the plains;

adventures daily filled with fears,

where hostile tribes and evil reigned.


We sailed the seas with buccaneers,

the Jolly Roger at our mast,

when cutlasses fought pistoleers,

but memories are all that last.


The mortal wounds that struck us down

at least a dozen times a day,

with swords, or overboard to drown,

only to leap back to the fray.


The games were so much simpler then,

no shades of grey, just black and white,

those holidays when I was ten

and slept so soundly every night.

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jennifer Malden

Thu 29th Aug 2019 19:56

Loved this one - brings back so many memories. How we never killed ourselves I can't think when I look back. My (of course now adult) kids were even worse. They were usually out with friends and sometimes used to come home and say they were going to 'stay at home and read' that day, so I always wondered who was out gunnning for them!


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Trevor Alexander

Tue 6th Aug 2019 21:41

Thanks, guys. I guess it touched a chord with those of you who, like me, have reached a certain age...

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 5th Aug 2019 16:56

The mind boggles doesn't it. We used to play in nearby disused dry-bed quarries and there was a sticky-out piece of rock called 'devil's tooth' that you had to go out and stand on (like walking the plank) in order to join the was a full 60ft above the ground!

Similar to other commenters, a neighbour's boy... a 'friend' threw a dart half the length of his garden and it hung out of my leg and was removed by his dad!.... a quick spit wash and no harm done!

We had it easy as kids.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 5th Aug 2019 16:50

I knew I recognised you were that boy who hit me in the eye with your peashooter all those years ago!

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Mon 5th Aug 2019 16:47

Hi Trevor, I think those were the days of real adventures as they took place in a different environment outdoors and offered exciting things like hiding places for us to spring from. I had one friend who inflicted quite serious wounds on me, but he was a nutter. We used blowpipes, catapults and air pistols- serious stuff. I've said enough!

Enjoyable trip thanks.


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keith jeffries

Mon 5th Aug 2019 10:55

Trevor, a poem of a delightful reminiscent quality. Beautifully written and which will be enjoyed by many. Thank you for this, Keith

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