Kids On A Beach


Kids on a beach

with a plastic bucket

or a coffee can

and soon there is

a crater in the sand

it's what they always do

kid's common inclination


with wind in their hair

and salt on their tongues

they dig deep into their work

shoveling sand

pail after pail

as though it were their job


as natural as

the motion of waves

the desire to dig and shape

is the way all kids play

given time

and a stretch of sand


soon a castle appears

constructed with walls and towers

with sticks for flag poles

and shells for decoration


kids love to mine the sand

searching for something

as basic as curiosity

to see what lies beneath

to find a hidden treasure


they lose all track of time

there is no ticking clock

no ringing bell

no one to call them home


the beach is the free playground

of kids turned loose from school

finding freedom so brief

they have to take advantage

while they can


hoping to hit China

before the sun goes down.




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Don Matthews

Mon 12th Aug 2019 13:08

Don't forget your trench digger. And bucket L......

dk, see what you've started? WOLers will be all taking sickies and flocking to the beach (nearest them).......producing trench-digger dry-up. Gosh dk. Hang your head......

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Lisa C Bassignani

Mon 12th Aug 2019 10:58

I'm calling sick and going to the beach!

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Don Matthews

Mon 12th Aug 2019 10:16

Was digging in the sand one day
Trench digger I was lent
Five years old with no license
How you think I went?

I went down digging my deep hole
(Which five-years all do)
Went past the centre of the world
I kid you not, true blue

I broke out (bit exhausted)
In a foreign land
dk, it wasn't China
I broke out in more sand ?

They flew me back to 'stralia
(The digger came by sea)
I know you don't believe a word
It's dk's fault , yes he

I quickly turned into a star
A five-year-old sand trencher
The world-dig record I did break
On my little venture........

This author sends apologies to the other author ......?

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Raj Ferds

Sun 11th Aug 2019 17:39

Thaks for posting this.
Yes, rather nostalgic. Oh the free-spirited life of a child, the impulsive behaviour and the simple joys.
Thank you.


Sun 11th Aug 2019 13:57

remember those days?

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