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A Birthday Blessing

              A Birthday Blessing

            Birthdays are special events

            To be celebrated with laughter and cheer.

            We share these special times in life

            With those love ones so dear.


            When a life touch’s so many.

            This special event is a birthday blessing.

            The longer the life

            The more ch...

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You Found Your Way Home

You Found Your Way Home

In Memory of Max


I wasn’t surprised to hear you went home.

Your life was full of pain.

Suffered from lifelong hardships

I never heard you complain.


If anyone ever deserved

To finally be in peace.

Know that you were loved

You were a masterpiece.


I’ve known you most of my life.

One childhood friend to my mother

I grew up feel...

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Life is a Chain Reaction

Of random events

That causes circumstances that

Changes our direction forward.

It's the stranger that you meet

The new places you visit

The new experiences we greet.

It's the mistakes we take

The crossroads we choose

The dead ends we find.

It's the choices we have

The intent we wish

The surprises we get.


Life is about the chances

The connections

From ...

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I hope I taught my children enough





With age, I can’t help wondering.

If I taught my children, enough.

Teaching them what they need to know

To get through their day-to-day life.


Like being respectful to all they meet.

Saying thank you, please and bless you

To friendly strangers they greet.

Teaching them kindness, I hope will be enough.


I hope it’s enough to teach them patience.


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A Destiny Divine

A Destiny Divine

For many of us....

Our destiny is unknown.

We are the teacher and the student.

We live and play to each our own.


For People, Events and Circumstances,

We mold our future and set our goals.

We search for the answers,

Wondering what our future holds.


We want our destiny

To make us happy and proud.

Making our life a pleasure

Walking on so...

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Ocean City Marland

Ocean City, Maryland


If you ever get a chance

You must visit this town.

It sits by the Ocean

Visitors swarm from all around.


You can walk the boardwalk

And have some Thrashers Fries.

Or you can play at the amusement park

And ride on the wild rides.


When you get hungry,

The best food can be found.

You must try the crab cakes,

Ocean City is renowned...

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Did You Know I Have Cancer

First...No I don't have cancer. I wrote this from the point of view of someone who is dying from cancer.

We all know someone who has cancer and if not more than likely we will before we die. Cancer affects 1 out of 4 people. 

Did You Know I Have Cancer?

Or was it my bald head that gave it away?

Or was it when I couldn't stop throwing up,

Eat a full meal, or sleep in peace?

Did yo...

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Hurricane Sandy


Sandy was a hurricane that hit the east coast with a vengeance on Oct 22, 2012. Sandy, was called the perfect storm by some and labeled a ‘Frankenstorm’ by others. But everyone would admit it she was a freak of nature.

Hurricane Sandy

Let me tell you a tale

A story that is true.

A hurricane with many faces

All the changes it went through.


Her birth was like all oth...

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Hurricane Sandy



As an inspirational writer I write about topics that we all can relate to.




Some have said, Patience is a Virtue,

A Moral Trait, a Strength in Faith.

Patience comes when you know

All is well and a Higher Power prevails.


There is a calmness, a peacefulness knowing all is well.

That your life is in complete control.

Whether you're standing in...

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On A Wing and A Prayer

A very private piece I posted on my Public Blog, this morning.  Please come and tell me what you think.


   On A Wing and A Prayer


I came into this world on a wing and prayer.

Soon my innocence robbed, my spirit I don't know where.

Born by anger, confusion and sin.

I hid my pain, and my fear I kept within.


During my youth, my innocence a...

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A Memory Lost in Time

This is one of my longest poems. It tells a story about an adventure I took one day back when I was a teenager. I don't think it's some of my better writing, but maybe you may find it enjoyable.


A Memory Lost in Time

I’ve reached the age
Where many years have passed me by.
Lost memories have become buried
Mixed in the years lost by time.

Every so often, unexpected like.

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Time is My Fall

Now in my senior years, I look at time differently than when I was in my twenties. I can look back at ten-year intervals and see how time affected me. The older I get; time becomes more precious. I seem to have wasted a lot of time. In my youth I thought I was invincible and had plenty.  Then my thoughts were; ‘When I have time…’ Now time is shorter and I am not sure I have enough time. Makes one ...

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A Shadow of Myself

Have you ever asked why? Questioning things, you have done or didn’t do? We come into the world with very limited knowledge. We hope we learn the tools we need to survive, but in most cases, this isn’t the case. We struggle with choices and make mistakes that seem to rock our world. When we are young, we think we have all the answers only we do not. Hopefully, the mistakes we make are fixable.


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inspirational poetry

A Single Mom

Single Mothers

A rare breed of women
To each their own,
Guiding and protecting their kids
Making a safe home.

She is a Queen in Multitasking
She can whip up a full meal,
While fixing the kitchen sink.
There' nothing she can't deal.

She lives to be of service
A commitment she holds dear
Remembering her responsibility
To her home, means the most here.

She's a mother with the b...

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A Little Wooden Angel

This is my first post I hope of many to come. Thank you for accepting me and my poetry. I have recently started a blog that showcases my writing. I hope to see some of you there. https://creativewritingwithbsk.com. I have been writing for well over a decade, but shyness has keep me as a closet poet you can say. I am not getting any younger, so it's now or never. I have over two hundred poems about...

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