Losing It


I tend to lose things

all the time

something that was right there

in plain sight

is now missing

it's not where I put it

I can remember seeing it

now it has vanished

I can see it in my mind's eye

I know where I left it

but someone must have taken it

or moved it as a joke

I blame the wife

she says she never saw it

didn't do it

I search high and low

dig through drawers

retrace my tracks

then in disgust I walk back into the room

and there it is

now I know for sure

someone is playing tricks on me

trying to make me think that I am crazy

it 's not funny

I don't appreciate the joke

I will be watching from now on

as soon as I find my glasses.


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Fri 9th Aug 2019 21:01

I'd like to read your comment but...
I lost my glasses.

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Don Matthews

Fri 9th Aug 2019 14:09

You've got a problem
dk my boy
Someone is playing
You like a toy

Have you suspected?
Looked on his mat
Hatching your glasses
Your sweet cudly cat?

No you haven't thought to look have you....😛

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keith jeffries

Fri 9th Aug 2019 12:03


It is all about growing old.


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