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Hostage To My Own Inertia

In the world of friendly strangers...

Often we are victim to ignorant dangers...

We sulk back and wonder what next,

Stuck between apprehensions and moment changers...

Alas! I am a hostage to my own inertia.


Faces when I see, and those eyes that wait...

I ask myself if they speak or interrogate...

My state of mind puts a word of caution;

In my ears unknown voices reverb...

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DiffidenceNo changeself-confidence


Some faces charm, some elevate desire…

Some faces invite wrath, some burst into fire…

Some are sweet with merciful smiles,

Some thoughtful serene yet act like quagmire.

Some drive you often, some deceive,

Some lit your spirits, some relieve,

Some faces are praiseworthy and tranquil…

Some fill you with anger and some retrieve.

Some douse the leaping flame,

Some faces add ...

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Hidden Facesromance

Alluring, When She Is Dressed Black!

She smiles and the breeze flows

She speaks the softest tone

Her charm is mesmerizing

Favorite among known unknown;

Personification of true love

She is a seed tenderly sown…

Cute, cuddling and precious,

She steps into my thoughts back to back,

Alluring, when she is dressed Black!


Whenever my eyes rapport,

I am not in my comfort zone.

Animosities on the rise,


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beautifulPraise poetrywoman

Mind Aberrations

Outer beauty does phase out over a time,

Time schemes through thick & thin;

Wondering why the world was at loss,

When there were so many pretty faces around.

Some faces look professional although,

Some personalities reveal much more…

They must not be unintelligent

But a supremacy to endure;

Why then some are limited to pages here?

Why haven’t their legacy gone beyond?


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After So Many Days!

entry picture

What prompted me to compose,

Pen down the lines after so many days!

Perhaps I owe it to her – all my happiness;

Realized after so many days!

Her eyes aren’t just eyes, my desires flourished;

She scaled after so many days!

The pen stained in the her memory penned everything,

Magically itself after so many days!

Misunderstood phases vanished, mistakes abandoned;

Anxiously ...

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आज बड़े दिनों के बाद|

जाने क्यों लिखने की हुई फ़रियाद…

आज बड़े दिनों के बाद|

शायद उनके आने से लौट आया शाद,

आज बड़े दिनों के बाद|

आँखे उनकी या पैमाना, हसरते आबाद,

आज बड़े दिनों के बाद|

खुद बा खुद उठी कलम लिख बैठी उन्हें कर के याद,

आज बड़े दिनों के बाद|

गलतफहमिया दूर हो गयी, गलतियों से मिला निजाद,

आज बड़े दिनों के बाद|

तस्वीर उनकी मुख़्तलिफ़, तबस्सुम नायाब इजाद;

आज बड़े दिनों के बाद|

ना परदा ना...

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Hindi SongHindustani Poemurdu poetry

Intoxication To My Greed!

entry picture

Intoxication to my greed,

Somehow you have sown the seed…

Your chair rests near or apart;

I know how much I bleed.

Matter of time or circumstance…

I don’t judge this distance,

All I know is my need,

And it is you who does feed,

Intoxication to my greed.


My apology had nailed the pursuit,

And I slowly distanced away…

With no regret albeit with many,

There we...

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aromaHeavenly InvitationPrayer Scented Incenseseduction

Aik Nazm

Bus chand lamho ki hoti hai koi kahani,

Bandh muthi se reit fisley girta jab pani,

Nazroo ka qasoor ya baat dilchasp purani,

Koi kabhi azeez lagta khoobsurat nishaani,

Guzrey khayalo ko aksar jab sochta hu…

Thoda hassta hu aur thodey se aansu pochhta hu!!


Khwaabo ka mahal bante der nahi laga karti,

Khwaab bhi ajeeb kitne, khwaabo ki duniya thaga karti,

Khwaab khwaab me...

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Hindi Song

WhatsApp DPs

entry picture






Some images inspire dreams

And some depict horror;

Some are portrayal of inspiration

And some certified error;

Some impeccable and evoke…

Yet some insidious terror…

Some spread smile and cheer,

Some masked mirror.


Some ready to walk a mile,

Some brute and cruel…

Some passionate and persuading;

Some ignite flames and add fuel,

Some e...

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Kuchh Sawaal Jawaab

Aks se poochh baitha dil yeh sawaal:


Kaash kabhi aaisa ho…

Koi miley jot um jaisa ho…

Naye kisi ped ki koi shaakh ho…

Patey naye phool aur nayi saakh ho…

Kamzor dil na koi baat kahe ki chot miley…

Aik aas meri hai ki nayi bahaar ke akhrot miley…

Surkh sebo ki tarah mizaaj haseen honth laal ho…

Door kisi pahadi pe ugi makai ke jaise reshmi baal ho…

Husn itna lajawaab...

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I Wore A Frock

entry picture







This day I caught eye of the mirror

It watched me dressing into a new apparel…

I did hear the laughter everywhere,

Although there was no one visible.

The laughter rose and rose aloud,

Until I felt my ears deaf.


Why did the mirror ridicule me?

What intuition did the mind carry?

Wasn’t what I dressed into today

A well knitted thought from...

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dressing upman dressed as woman

Kuchh Soch Yu Hi...

Kyu kabhi hum bus lafzo me fas kar reh jaate hai,

Kyu kabhi hum hamari hi bebasi me das kar reh jaate hai,

Sawaal hum karte to hai khud se magar fir bhi yuhi,

Sawaalo ke ghutan me hum kas kar reh jaate hai.


Khojte hai fursato ko lekin har haal me mumkin nahi,

Bechaini ka sabab aksar yehi lekin utna mushqil nahi,

Magar humne sahara liya huva hai apni kamzori ka…

Shayad iss...

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Wonder Woman

entry picture

The ocean of emotions that always kept firm,

Wearing a laughter and some smiles more than often;

Like a bee always busy and working though,

She was a lifeline… someone, others would throng…

She looked physically feeble but mentally very strong,

Her temperament was the very key,

Perhaps the reason why she was she.


She was professionally entwined and held a charm,

A mand...

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श्यामली सलोनी

entry picture

श्यामली सलोनी प्यारी उसकी आंखे,

देखूं मैं जब भी वह मुस्कुराए, मन भाए...

माथे पर उसके आफताब की चमक है,

माहताब वह खुद क्या उनके बारे में बताएं...

आँखों में उनके गहरा समंदर कोई,

ज़रा घोर से देखूं तो शायद कुछ समझ आए...

दूरियां मगर इतनी ज्यादा है बीच में,

सिलसिला यह जुड कर भी कभी भी जुड न पाए...

खूब है वह और उसके जवान दिल की धड़कन,

मुझे छू गयी है उसकी खूबसूरत अदाए |

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Hindi Song

A Wish List

Sometimes I remember those old days,

Days of neglect and the novel ways….

Stood in line and waited in frays,

Dimmed, damned but didn’t let go the craze,

Although today I have come of age,

But somewhere inside the youth still plays.


The bandwidth was limited then,

It’s only today I’ve come across the Zen…

My brain wouldn’t process the hymn,

The heart would only beat ...

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An Innate Confession

Fascinating oscillation by the ears,

This patience has been nurtured in year,

Pink glow to everything; cheers!

Reactions mix of delight & tears.


The first look was captivating & sojourn,

The trauma deepened as I did own…

The precious sweetness of her moan,

She is still very much unknown.


She travels in the air, her voice illuminates…

She dwells in the hearts, e...

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That Yellow Attire

Quiet she was from the bottom of her heart,

I never knew what she hid inside…

I made a fool of self on my part,

Just being a manager and may be a guide,

She was the girl who I took a girl always…

Not knowing there was a woman in her.

All the years I knew her she had her own ways,

And on her own benchmarks she did deliver….

I dared not to touch upon her ever nor even ask,


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Beyond the World of Thachi

entry picture

Conspiracy theories by design,

Or elements of grapvine,

Bewitched deep to entwine…

Was it true that I witnessed?

I asked myself and expressed.


Familiar faces usually looked vivid,

This is a confession and purely candid,

Although on most counts I have been timid.

Metamorphosis just between the time,

One way what I experienced was sublime.


Should I say this wa...

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In Her Shoes

First of all I am apologetic for injecting too much of self into someone's principled privacy. It pained me to an extent yesterday after I read the response that she lose herself sometimes when she read the poetic lines that heap praise on the persona she is bestowed upon. While I was feeling little remorseful on the entire account, I had a realm of thoughts and I couldn’t hold back myself and the...

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