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As an inspirational writer I write about topics that we all can relate to.




Some have said, Patience is a Virtue,

A Moral Trait, a Strength in Faith.

Patience comes when you know

All is well and a Higher Power prevails.


There is a calmness, a peacefulness knowing all is well.

That your life is in complete control.

Whether you're standing in the grocery line,

Waiting for the doctor or your dinner in a fine dine.


Some of us have the Strength, others without.

But life is so much better if you can wait it out.

It is said, “Good things come to those who wait.”

Knowing this comes in handy when waiting on Fate.


For it is when you surrender the outcome.

When you'll find the Higher Power will come.

For everything has a time, a cycle, a season,

Help keeps me from questioning the reason.


So each time I find myself anxious, or stress out.

I must remember, I have the Patience to wait it out.

My Spirit's Loyalty is to my Higher Self.

Giving me courage and erasing my doubt.


It takes work to practice patience you will find.

Growing stronger with faith always close behind.

It takes great courage to surrender control.

Believing in a Divine Power has complete control.


When you find impatience has crossed your path.

Grab a book and this too in time will pass.

Give the outcome to the one who knows it all,

Rest knowing a Higher Power controls it all.                


A little patience can take you a long way.


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keith jeffries

Thu 1st Aug 2019 21:50


A poem thoughtfully composed as it would seem that the writer is similarly so. There is a lot to read between the lines which touch on faith and hope.

Thank you for this


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