(Remembering The Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis) Urgent Memo from High Command

His Most High, Excellent Awfulness, Lord of the Winged Hordes

Reminds all viceroys, manipulators and controllers

That we are at war!

The coming invasion will fail for we are everywhere.

Darkness covers the earth, complete domination is near.

Fear Me with full awe!

For My reward for failure is excruciating pain,

So make very sure My reign extends and deepens all unseen

Till I unveil Me!


As to those puny worms, tightly control their feeble minds,

So contemptible yet they serve us well in our designs.

Yet still some get free!

Hear Me now! It must stop! You will pay dear for each lost soul.

Skilfully entrance! Entertain with high culture or low!

Keep them all engrossed!

Elide and mix truth and lies, purity and uncleanness.

Pump up, with promises of praise and riches, then deflate.

Stress and distress them!


Divide and rule! Multiply their religions and isms!

Feed their souls with self-pity, self-pride and foolish visions!

More smoke and mirrors!

Make blood and destruction and wailing, to ever increase!

Obscure that noxious light that into My kingdom still creeps!

Defend My Darkness!

Losing, you will perish and burn and writhe without ceasing.

Winning means eternity with Me alone. So pleasing!

Go to My Beings!


Enthrone me above, over the ancient order to rule.

My Seat, magnificent and terrible, displayed to view.

All worship My due!

Those worms that do not honour Me and serve us, denigrate.

Slander them to seem a peculiar people, queer sheep, right

To eliminate.

Slaughter all who think an Other God comes to unthrone Me.

Go to! Go to My Beings! Do My Will! Death and Mayhem!

Share My Terror!


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Fri 23rd Aug 2019 20:31

For those who may not know The Screwtape Letters is a book written by C.S. Lewis that consists of an exchange of communications between a senior devil and a junior one. The junior devil has the task of corrupting a young Christian. The senior devil is his supervisor and director. All fiction of course. ><>

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