Wood Pigeon

The big pigeon settled securely

On a sturdy bough, facing East

In a ray of early sunlight

Filtering through the foliage

Bright and warm.

The bird folded into itself, serenely still.

It sat so for several minutes, unmoving.

And then the local squirrel bolted across

From a neighbouring tree

Shuddering the bird's perch!

Leaping, whirling through the boughs

Like a mad dervish!


The quiet bird tolerated the frenzy

For a few minutes

Without a hint of distaste.

And the squirrel never interfered

With that branch as it careened about.

A kind of respect it seemed.


But then, the pigeon gave up.

Peace was impossible!

It flew off into another tree close by

With thin branches like a giant fern

Which the squirrel doesn't like.

The ousted  bird adjusted itself again

More open to the sky, sunnier, warmer

Perhaps more satisfactory altogether

For roosting

If less comfortable and private!

And less safe!

Although I'm not sure what enemies

Pigeons must be wary of, from the sky.


The pigeon and the squirrel

So minded me of people -

With different social mores

Co-habiting insular communities

With much tolerance.

Or not.

Not everyone can go elsewhere.




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Don Matthews

Fri 18th Oct 2019 04:08

No way would I dream to go snicker
Cos scourges and me we don't mix
Don't wish to unleash your powers hiding
Cos no way I wanna get in a fix.....😎

(Even if you do know where I live....)

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Fred Nicholson

Fri 18th Oct 2019 02:08

Wonderfully crafted.
Experiencing these two critters up close was intimate.
Relating their actions to us, people, was icing on the cake.

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Kate G

Sat 24th Aug 2019 13:54

Cynthia, this was delightful and insightful. I felt like I was watching them alongside you. Thanks very much for this, I'm looking forward to more reflections.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 24th Aug 2019 12:57

A scourge upon anyone who snickers! You don't know what powers I might have. Even if I don't know where you live! HA!

Look at us today - all nature oriented! How interesting! (Probably my favourite expression of all time! I say it ten times a day, at least!)

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