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Jason Bayliss on UNDERESTIMATED (Sun, 15 Sep 2019 06:52 am)

CharaOfNothing on UNDERESTIMATED (Sun, 15 Sep 2019 05:02 am)

A feeling inside VS my wondering eye

Day 2 day

A certain situation has been the same way

I try to act nonchalant as my mother would say

Hoping things will change as a Christian you know I prey.

Subconsiously knowing its inevitable cause that’s how he chooses to play and has my constituents in the matrix to put the icing on the cake.

She needs to fall back for her sake

crazy...if I was ther I’d never want to wake


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I’m no one trick pony!

I saddled, rode and tamed you.

Walked through the fire & spit out the ashes then bathed with the smoke and that was just in passing. 

Lifted up other when I was in the trenches.

Soared over heartache-deflected all pain.

Only taking a break to feel the rain.

You see I never said I was perfect nor claim to be.

Just a lady with many layers, 

so many it a...

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D is for doubting discernment that guides me through life.

E is for emotions that control my brain instead of logic.

S Is for stability which is seldom for the self control I lack.

I the sould Inside who’s ready to die, tired of life’s limits but with a little integrity what’s gained could last an eternity.

R is for realizing reality. Only having one life knowing its short and in vein....

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Who is right for me?

Or am I the problem and just can’t see

I can’t commit and choose to cheat.

Then lash out because of a guilty conscious that’s killing me.

Always in the end hurt w/jaded written bold n my T-shirt.

Living a short vein life

not to mention existing in the last days dealing with trials and tribulations, 

as satans temptations are my own desires but I continue t...

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U R The Wise

This is for the jaded,

Usually the most hated, with pain so deep and nobody to confide in.

Searching til frustrated

Determined to appear so bright eyed.

Reply yet never applies.

Realizing that all flesh & sould must divide. 

I share only words of encouragement, due to my acceptance as being a member of the other side. 

So to say- WE are the Wise

We must learn to understand ...

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