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Kumusta ka?

Nagliliyab pa ba ang apoy,

Pagmamahal at pagsisilbi,

Sa bayan, sa kabataan?

Naaalala mo pa ba

Kung saan nagmula

Ang bunga ng pighati

Bitbit mo bilang tugon

Sa landas na tinatahak?

May halaga pa ba

Ang bawat pagsindi ng apoy

Sa tuwing ito’y namamatay

Sa ihip ng hangin

Mula sa kinakalawang na Makinarya?

Kumusta na?

Ipagpapagtuloy p...

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Mga Handurawan sa Pakigbisog

Ilahang pagduyog,
Sa isig-kaubanon,
Aron makig-bisog,
Sa ilang kaantosan.

Mga handurawan,
Hulagway sa kadasig,
Mga kinaadman,
Dungan 'ta sa pagdayeg. 

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"Himo-ang armas

Ang mga libro

Sa pakigbisog

Sa kinabuhi,"

Matud pa nimo.


Mga pagsambit,

Karon nisindi,

Sa kandila nga,

Hagbay napalong,

Hagbay nihunong.


Mga pangandoy

Nga nalumos ra

Buhi'g galangoy

Sa kadagatan,

Ngitngit og lalom.


Akong nalitok,

"Dili pa andam,

Apan sa karon,

Sila ang purtahan,

Sa laing kalibutan."



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How do I love? (Part 2)

How do I love?
Wondered the struggling eyes,
As sun's rays reached the pale face,
Into another morning of inquiry,
Whether to carry on or linger,
From, perhaps, a hope for two souls,
That had no home,
Wandering around,
Looking and searching,
For, if haven was impossible,
At least a shelter to thrive on,
But to only provide what it needs,
One must let go,
A sacrifice,
For hope to live...

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homelifelife's choiceslovepeace


Chasing wonders,
With a pen and a paper,
An empty sheet,
A piece of oblivion.


Staring blankly,
Eyes lost in the wilderness,
Once with a blink,
A whimper towards nothing.


Looking around,
Inside a four-cornered room,
Pastel purples,
In between the white curtains.


Running strokes on the paper,
A pen and ink,
Breaking the bars of this cage.

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The Art of Choosing


Which is,
Which is not.
What should be,
What should not be.
How to be,
How not to be.
Who will be,
Who will not be.
Where to be,
Where not to be.
What is,
What is not.
To choose,
To choose not.

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Hiding in the dark

Sun beams through a rough parchment

Glimpse of a rainbow

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I arrive in Peace
The warmth of home says hello
I have come to stay

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lovehaikuNaturepeace within one self


She waits for twelve more minutes,
Raindrops touching the glass windows.
She sits on a bench watching,
People wait for their chosen flights.

Beyond the glass pane she looks,
How the wind collides with the rain,
How he comes without a note,
Walking slowly towards her soul.

The rain continues to pour,
How every wish hopes to come true,
"Where do I go now?" she asks,
While he welcomes ...

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She only hears the rooster's call
In the morning and peeks deeply
At the sun's beams through the window
The way she reads a talking mouth.

She's twenty-two but thinks like twelve
Keeping fairytales in her nook
How a sixth grader reads a book.
Old papers hide in her basket

With her touch becomes piece of art
As she tears and folds the pages
Forming flowers, vases and doves.
She has c...

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Mind Game

"So long, Marianne,"
Uttered your lips,
Was it a whisper?
Your arms clothing me,
From night's cold air,
And into your warmth,
Then we both let go.

"So long, Marianne,"
She was Cohen's muse,
In a lonely poem,
A melody,
And a lullaby,
Of a love he dreamed,
About it again.

"So long, Marianne,"
Echoed in the wind,

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Right Here

Right here,
Staring at the dusk,
Where we both withered,
Ashed into the wind,
A gentle breeze of the night.

Right here,
I no longer wait,
Walking along with gloom,
Brushing away each yesterday,
Stitched and crossed the torn.

Right here,
I watch every fall,
Of the tree's threads,
Reaching the depths of my wounds,
The last tear drop awaits.

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Befriending Fear

Fear comes in different forms.

Fear of love.
Fear of pain.
Fear of failure.

One day you overcome it like a true Olympian. Another day, it arrives on your doorstep ringing the bell unceasingly until it deafens your ears.

Fear of attraction.
Fear of lust.
Fear of judgment.

And you never want to hear it again. You hide. You run away. Beneath the sheets of a stifling world. Behind the ...

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How do I love?

The lamp lit up
The dark room
Eyes half-awaked
A blank stare
At blinding light
Like a ray
Shooting the self
Reasons to hate
The good life
That must have been
When one day
Faced a road's bend
Beheld pain
In the mirror
Bleeding tears
Drowning the sight
Of real love
Of a real man
Worth to fight
For forever
Beyond death
And to a dream
Of a life
Of love beyond

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To the Waves and to the Sun

You have always been my favorite,

The moment you reach the shore,

With every move you make,

To touch the sand,

Where I wait,

With every sound of splash,

To heal my soul,

Where I am.


You have always bewitched me,

The moment you creep towards the sky,

With every climb above the clouds,

To cast reflection,

Where I am,

With every ray you set free,

To reac...

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lovelove poetrynatureoceansun


Stuck in a box,
Barely breathing,
Barely alive.
Lines everywhere,
Running alone,
Chasing unknown.

Searching a hole,
Finding escape,
Hunting for space.

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Rolling Curtains

The rolling of the curtains,
Shimmering silvery black,
In an instant woke me up,
Stretched the curves in one, two, three.

A backbone bent unbroken,
A detour along the way,
A chosen path of loving,
Walking slowly in four, five, six.

Then the curtains rolled again,
My last piece of hope awaits,
Body laid and tied on the bed,
Pushed and pulled in seven, eight, nine.

Patiently watchi...

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How does a girl become a woman?
The first time her royal blue skirt
Was stained with drops of blood
Tainted childhood's innocence
Of fertility's awakening.

Rules had chained her feet from crossing
The bridge towards a boy playing
His piece in a saxophone
Lullabies of attraction
A petty love from the ashes of lust.

Chains rang as she heavily walked
Up the stairs of her fantasies

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A paradox
Of expressions
And concealment.

An escaping
From the deepest
Hole of the self.

An adventure
To the quest for

A hiding place
Through metaphors
And similes.

Like a dungeon
Waiting the key
To be unlocked.


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Bends in the Road


A voice sang through the pavement of your innocence. You wondered.
But ignored to listen. Then, regret eventually rushed through you when neglecting the voice has turned into a warning.

"I can do this...everything..."

And that same innocence blanketed your sight towards what could have been done. Such naivety comforted you with rising above the warning. By pushing yourself. So...

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That Sunday Night

It’s been three days since we’ve met and talked again, four years since I grew fonder of you, five years since we first met. 

For six hours that night, we both poured our hearts out because we owed each other time that we never had. 

Two hours before, you could hardly imagine how many times I tried on different clothes because I badly wanted to look good for you but not wanting to look despe...

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proselovedatingunrequitted loveadmiration


A spark lit up
A small, thin matchstick,
Gently rubbed from
A matchbox's wall.

Cursed at the fire
That burns a frail wick,
Drilled tightly into
Candle of false hopes.

Glimpsed the beauty
Of radiance and awe,
A fleeting light
To bleak, weary past.

The dancing flame
Slowly melts and hurts,
The paraffin
Where homeless hope lives.

It brightly shines,
As it ghastly burns,

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false hopeloveromance


Dear child,
Those moments when
Such wondering
Never came to
Visit your home,
Do you recall?

How about those
Looking into
A stranger's eyes
Nothing to ask
But not empty
But purity?

Welcoming the
Afternoon breeze
Brushing through
Your hair, your face
Freeing your hands
Onto each breath?

You remember?
Listening to
Every word they
Utter and ask
Say and demand,
Fulfilled ea...

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Nineteen Meters

There, seated at one of the bleachers,

Far distant from me, nineteen meters.

There, a girl before you,

Like a piece of a broken tableau.


For me, it was likely,

A vision, pain with no remedy,

Loud laughs, so clear in view,

Nineteen meters away, such a milieu.


Just heartful days ago,

The pair of your eyes never forego,

What was seen in the sight of me,


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Broken heartunrequited love

Once Upon A Dream

The night sparkled with a dream,

As I crept closer towards my bed's cloak,

Covering the mist of the evening's tears,

Warmth, I felt,

And in the Wonderland,

I wander.


There he is again,

Carrying the loveliest of red roses,

A bouquet meant for love,

Prickly, I thought,

Only smoothness, I feel,

Even his hands vanish the thorns.


He holds my hand so tight,


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For me, it is a great sight,

Beautiful and profound.

Though it pains my eyes,

Pestering like a ray of light,

Even blurring the unclear view of the cloud sea. 


Straying away from smoothness,

There comes a forceful thrust,

Piercing within,

Ailing the peace in my mind,

Hurting the music in my soul. 


Like a journey, once known,

Towards where I am destined for...

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