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When the higher power noticed the world went crazy and strange
They sent us magical beings and their mission would bring great change
Wishes and prayers were sent to the sky nothing went unheard
A delightful loving messenger in the form of a little bird
A warrior bird with magical feathers and a aura not before seen
Emerald warrior in air on land ..her name is Ava Green

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Astonishingly mesmerised by you from the moment I heard your voice ...set eyes on you
Connected with you
So many thoughts and feelings you triggered
This can only be what true love feels like I figured

Unknown to me that I'd never felt it
Suddenly my heart was wax you came to melt it
Up until then I felt incontrol
The idea that I now share my soul
The fact that now I still look at you as a...

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The cycle doesn't stop you know
An ongoing movement segmented life flow
The cycle of inhalation and exhale badness
A physical continuity until the body is deceased
Even then it isn't over a new cycle the next chapter
Be sure to fill this life with continuous love and laughter
For all the lower energies do is delay your unique mission
The continuity of each cycle in Gods hands make...

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Dis respectful dishonestly dissing others dissing me
Distancing me
Dishonouring me "Ere we go "
Take away the 're we'  Ego
Thats all it is
It needs to go
Pack its bags and send it away
You're cooler without it by the way
I'm organic no fertilisers home grown fresh soil
Your beautiful soul see's me as beautiful
Your untrusting ego sees me Disloyal 

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A world functioning through the sunlight
We are blessed ...blessed day light
Sun rays create moon light
To break the darkness when its night
Trees and plants grow because of this
Yes the process of photosynthesis
No sun no life
We need it
Food that grows ..the sun it feeds it
No sun no vitamin D
No sun no you and me
Essential to existence
And when life seems cold and dark I'll
be your...

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White oh so pure rare delight
asking for signs  snow white doves close in flight
Beauty and love serenity and peace
I wish in your life from my heart doves release

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