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This modern day government are glorified Hitlers

I know little facts about war today
without facts in reason
i know enough
I know in school
they teach us in history of evil Hitler
How he murdered millions
children women men
the gas chambers
the injustice
vile despicable creature
"That will never happen again"
"how times have changed "
or have they ?
yes we are a modern world
computers updated typewriters
things are different now

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political poetry peacewar


Magnificent worthy of Christ son of nye
magnificently wonderful days to come
as stated in days gon by

child of mine child so bright
energetic child from morning to night
9 pounds 5 in weight
48 hour Labour born one day late
Austin my boy he's Austin the great

Unplanned like his beautiful brother
unprepared as their mother

Magnificent to put it lightly this boy can talk
double use of my ...

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Austinname meaningson


I hold my crystal
my left hand it lights up
I pass it to you
your whole body lights up

every  muscle it touches it relaxes
and heals you
I know you feel it
because my heart it feels you

your body lit up with
a silver outline
the light it turns red at the base
of your spine

eliminates pain and energy
every tiny molecule
every last hair

orange from red
your pelvis sacral

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Finlay Milo

Fair haired boy.. soldier a cart he does pull
for the cart holds his dreams
brightest of light so bright ...never dull
beautifully fair with angel tone skin
The boy he does care
deepest love from within
protect him and love him
nourish his soul

the boy he sees through you
He speaks to your soul
a spontaneous loveable summer time child
clear sounding tones in his voice gentle mild

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Truthful faith in the Lord
bright sea
glass button eyes
it's vera vee
long dark hair with auburn strands
just like the Lord
the world is in her hands
raw emotion thats the sea in her name
purity of God thats the vee in her name
child of the future
This world she will mend
gifted with music shining bright sea
whom God did send 

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I value you 

A soul protected
guard you like a delicate rose petal
words do not describe your existence
you give me reason
every decision I make
is with your best interests
you are my life
you are deep my son
you are vulnerable
you may not know it
nor may others not
but it's in your name
My clear cut high carat diamond
unbreakable like a diamond
April Spring Diamond

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War like Tracy

war like shining light exalted one
person of power she is one
never a nemesis too far from home
but always protected
never alone
no unfinished battle
left un Faught
no wasted battles
at war she was taught
war like mother
repetition of name
from the strongest of wombs
comes stronger again
although her title stages a fight
right in the middle a shining light
this says it all to me she...

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best friendtracy


God will increase farmer nobleman a Bird

God will increase
meaning life will get better as time goes on
suprises..expect them
work like a farmer
rewards accept them

Nobleman a symbol of you
high regards
with an aura like yours
only good on the cards

you will see
you will fly
youl be free
atleast experience freedom

no dream or wish..unseen unheard
time to fly
you are a bird
free as...

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Laurel tree victorious bright sea(laura)

laurel tree victorious bright sea
the name decoded in thee

my Laura like a tree so grounded
Her roots keep her grounded

her beauty in many forms
talents achievements in every bud and leaf
some Un opened
some not yet born

leaves and blossoms that once were
have fallen in fall
and fall before that and so on

never dead ..for every dropped Autumn leaf
replaced with with more beauty
more s...

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16 months between us
everyrhing was between us
we look so different have you seen us
not a bad bone between us
well our intentions are the best
that's a start
we care..Love in our heart

I say one heart
there's two
thers me and my heart
then there's yours and you
if your heart was to break
less than seconds it would take
for me to rescue you and share my heart with you
and if mine was...

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Put the fire out

people say "you are too nice"
such a strange thing to say
I believe you can never be too nice
not to the point were it is a flaw
if you see the good in everything
within your presence
how is that a fault
if you please people for the sake of
pleasing them by being untrue then yes
we have a problem
but being kind
being generous out of truth
only brings love
only brings out the truth

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Extra Large Sized Men's Padded Hooded Parker

the rain beating down
I am safe
under a large winter coat hood
I am safe
just a tunneled gap to peak through
safer than ever
warm and safe and comforted
this padded men's Parker is a thousand hugs
it makes me invisible
I am far from it
yet I am the closest to feeling invisible
than I have felt before
they can't see my eyes
therefore unaproachable
the unknown
no reassuring fac...

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parker coatrainsafety

invisible Army

to be controlled
like really controlled
no exeption the effort
my life you hold

I yes Me
as it stands
to be confined in the palms of your hands

My talents and gifts
do they not matter
as you clench your fists
my soul does shatter

so why did you send me down
I ask
to disguise my beauty
behind this mask

a delicate flower
 the Art god mastered
hardened cemented
pebble dashed and pla...

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ADHDASDaspergersAutismlight workersspiritual

a life shorter than a day

bleeding she bleeds
warm fluid it pours
until it can pour no more

every  molecule of life
a warm pool on the foor

quicker than farewell
enough for a well
if only a well would
make her well

for if it were
one shalt wish for you
for the pool to be dry
the floor to remain
away red stain
and if to wish again
erase now the pain

but  tragic..instead
a river of red
helpless nurse by our...

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the colours we can't see but I see

deep red deep cut


to make one outstounding

orange so bright 

like the fruit

so fertile 

protection so fragile

yellow like the sun 

emotions level 

green as the earth for the heart bright 

and green 

so green 

turquoise blue 

confidence like the sky 

so blue like the sky

indigo intuition


indigo a colourful thought

violet not t...

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Back to square one

i told my self i am safe
I said I'm safe because I will not let my heart be broken
be taken

too soon spoken
here I am ..once again ..broken

I thought I was tough
I proved otherwise
from me to me
I appologise

I thought I was ahead
and I wouldn't fall in love
walk away I said
rise above

I knew you wern't for me
a future with you I couldn't see

I should not have stayed
just ...

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Broken heartsLove lost

The Band With Five Hands

Little Jimmy Bailey a wavertree lad

Lived with his brothers and a drunken dad
His mother walked out she couldn't cope
Never even left them a bar of soap
So little Jimmy with the dirty face
Wore shoes with holes and only one lace
Quick witted and fast good with his hands
Made a gutar from a box and lazzy bands
Oh he loved a sing song young Jimmy did
He wrote songs in his head since he was ...

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my mummy

I'm gonna talk about a woman who I can only describe as my world my universe
my brightest light ..my tonic ..my backbone my nurse
even in black she has more colours than a rainbow
brighter than the moonlight the sunshine she makes the rain go
when I'm told that I'm magic and I'm gifted
it's coz of her though keeps me uplifted
iv been so low
but never solo
she is the light that attracts lig...

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guardian angelMothersDaymum


I will paint a picture
of my life with a border
a perfect picture of obsessive compulsive disorder
imagine inside a house  above a fire is a
framed painting
the painting is of a scene
inside a house with a painting on the wall
above the fire
and smaller again the painting on the painting
on the painting and it just gets smaller until it's a dot
A single dot left on the chalk board
the t...

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addiction obsessionobsessionocd

A Fool Like Me

When your heart beats so fast because the man you love is right there
Beauty shines from within fuled by love we share
That warm feeling
 of course he feels the same
You know it's in his eyes and through signals from his brain
Knowing your safe no matter what
Knowing whatever happens you mean to him alot
Security of knowing love will see you through
The comfort that he trusts the same and ...

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abusedomestic violenceman is violent

tick tok

My heart it beats fast such a rythem that can't be classed
As a heart tick tok tick tok tick tok 

MAY my magic be cast on your heart it will last... like a king from the past

My heart in another body ...when every body wore portrait pins instead of body art and tattoo a portrait that you...
Painted so blindly of me ..this you see what I see

In flight with the Eagle you soare you soare
The cl...

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lyricsMusic & Poetrysongs

Dear Diary

Lonely,but never alone , courtesy, of these voices,
Drowning out , my natural thought process,
affecting, how I make choice's.

Controling my mind, totaly possessed,
Punishing me for what? Disturbing my rest.

In fact I'm so controlled ,that all my life I've been unaware,
Didn't know ,any different, assumed they were suppose to be there.

Intrusive in voluntary thoughts
no filters in my brain...

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aloneIf? hopeless feelings down depressionmental health

God Blessable Bless


Were are you now my love
My sorrow my pain
For love is pain
Sharper than blades
Explosive  bombs  distructive  grenades
A mix of all emotions
Heat from the sun waves of the oceans
Heart and soul bottled as potions
Nothing but a cork keeping them in
Oh fragile glass bottle oh cork screw of sin
Remain untouched no pressure applied
Unaggravated carefully  captured inside
To speak is ...

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The power of giving

what is life without a fight
without rights
do we live to fight for our rights
when is it right to fight
to write about fighting for rights in this life
this short life
before you know it it's over
it's done
your day has gone
the only rights you got now are your last
last rights
they're flashing before you
visions of all that you seen and who saw you
your brothers your siste...

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2019 New moon 17th june

It's 2019 17th of June
tonight we shall welcome this strawberry moon
As we worship your brightness and magical
we manifest beauty and our purest of dreams
heal were needs healing and deep cleanse my
As you do I aknowledge my soul you are freeing
keep me strong in my darkest hour
from highest love frequencies fill me with power
miracles you grant me
blessings and light
heal ...

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full moonmoonprayers


Poem of transformation...

The butterfly in the morning sun flutters with grace until his day is done
He's in and out of the beautiful flowers
To the music of the birds he dances for hours
Blissfully aware of his own handsome features
He's the envy of all the other garden creatures
Making the most of his time in the air
Embracing his life as if not a care
Made up of colour and symmetrical p...

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You light up my day
the way you say stuff and things you say
in my heart always
in my head most days in my prayers through all seasons
tuned in to you for all the right reasons
a voice told me to let go of control
he said stop tryna control
suppressing your soul
let life guide you
show them what's inside you
be free what will be will be
speak from your heart
on behalf of me
speak trut...

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Heartburn no more

Just like magic right under your nose
You are magic
Just like the fruits of the earth that we take so lightly like it's granted for infinity
The juice that we drink from the carton is magic like the orange it came from
Like the tree cut down for the carton we drink from
That magic tree...
Magic like me
Like you..
Like the lemons and limes
Make acids into alkaline almost to water

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old days

I miss the old days 

Victorian ways 

"that's all "

she says

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short poemshort poetry


11 years between us 

two mothers between us

one father we share

unbreakable connection 

He's my brother and I love everything about him

I wouldn't change him..i wouldn't be without him

He's my big brother and  we  are similar in so many ways

I see my self when I look at him and some of the things he says

I love him and I don't tell him but he is everything to me

He's a s...

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iv never read a full book

but I can't stop writing

when I write i dont think

iv got dishes piled up in my sink

my bedding needs changing

and my bath needs a clean

I'm 30 odd and live like a teen

my floors not a floor I call it a floor-drobe

I have no idea how to maintain a wardrobe

doors hanging off ..my child needs a new bed

I'd rather write this poem instead 


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I love the vibe in bingo halls

the excitement when the caller calls

especially when he drops his balls

"bingo "she shouts ..false alarm

everyone loves a false alarm

all apart from loon who said bingo

she wants to die 

her sister wants to cry

all eyes on her 

I mean all eyes down 

then the same woman gets a full house

they call out her number she squeaks like a mous...

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spot on my face

see this face


I could never get bored of my reflection

my hazel eyes and milky complection 

make up perfect..eyelashes the lot 

spoiled by the presence of a spot

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noodles are 25p a pack

all the super markets sell own brand mock super noodles really cheap

I stock up on them 

they are trolley fillers

they are cupboard fillers 

tummy fillers

noodles are an all time winner 


lets have Noodles for dinner

Noodles she says 

Happy days

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funny poemnoodles

blablabla Teresa may


a clever government scam 

grabs everyone's attention 

just a distraction 

all words and no action

sorry that was too polite

the word to describe 


I can't bare 

to sit and stare

at a tv and listen to the rubbish they say

bla bla bla Teresa may

brexit what the hell is brexit 

what's all the fuss 

"coz it's affecting us"

yes you are right it...

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politicspolitics humour

purple city

Red for love Blue for sky's

A tap full of tears a mothers eyes

Dry are the lids from mourning salt

Mothers world has come to a halt

Love for truth honesty and pride

Sky is were he lives mother dying inside

Red for anger blue for healing Anger for injustice and Grief and lies

Healing for the families of those in the sky's

Red is our blood Blue our veins

Vital to living in...

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HillsboroughjusticeLiverpool poetryLiverpool Poets

wedding guest hats ..the truth

my hat fell off one day

my head stayed on and so did my hair

heads are designed not to fall off

hats are made for heads

hats fall off

some fall off

wedding guest hats are not secure 

they flatten hair styles

the wind might decide to be cruel that day

is this a risk you are willing to take?

no one wants to lose a wedding hat

no one wants hat hair

my advice if you...

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#poem #poetry #comedyhatssilly poemwedding

being a table

No jaws to bite with 

not able to swallow 

No banquet to feast on

No hair to comb 

no nails to paint

no legs for feet 

no feet for shoes 

no water to wash with 

no water to drink

no eyes to see you

no you to see

no lessons to learn from

no emotions to feel

no oxygen to breathe 

no lungs to take a breath 

no music for listening

no ears to listen with


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#poem #poetry #comedytable

world's apart

I feel the pain of your broken heart physically gone but our spirits don't part

although you hurt and and pine for me

close your eyes and there i will be

With the biggest smile on my face

as I'm free and happy in this amazing place looking out at a perfect view

standing in front of me is you

I'm very much alive more than ever

no worldly burdens..light as a feather

I'm helpi...

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street life

entry picture
  Sharp pains  like blades numb the nerves Even numbness hurts Vigorously shaking hypothermia Shaking out my soul Drilling deep..deeper the hole No energy to strive To be unfortunate is to survive Nothing to eat..No desire to eat Unable to stand..cant feel my feet January blizzard just got real Dreaming of jail best way is to steal THIS WASN'T ME never have I stole Crime ...

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spiritual writing

words you grant me

Let me breathe let me be calm..take away my dept and set me free

Let me be me

Let me fly And bring others to the air with me

Set us free Let me laugh Bring back my giggles So i can make others laugh too

Bring laughter Grant me health so I can heal I am a healer let me heal

Forgive and allow me to forgive others and encourage peace

We all need peace

I'm aw...

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spiritual writing

Sometimes I write verses or poems and I am just writing without thinking 

I keep writing until I stop without thought 

I look back at what I have written and see words I didn't know or would never have used if I'd planned out the poem 

I know this is because the spirit world and other realms have chosen me to write down their thoughts and feelings and express their talents through my phys...

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spiritual writing

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