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Angel whisperer indigo child x on End S.R.A (10 days ago)

Brian Maryon on End S.R.A (10 days ago)


There's so much Fake activity

I'm just trying to make the most of what God has given me

They see im aware an try an get rid of me

If only they knew

They question why I look through

Transparent see through

When I look in your eyes i see truth

Not your own truth just the truth of what is

Your minds the stage your thoughts are showbiz

Its not your success though because its his

You see them...

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In all that is real in this life..a clone of its brilliance will be attempted
Everything that is official..artificial versions are invented
A copy of natures magic ..mimicked and and mirrored almost illusion
Studied and monitored creating confusion
From designer bags almost exact counterfeit
Synthetic brains.. computers..smashed it
Synthetic arms legs and jaw bones
Synthetic breast milk and...

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copy cloneFake


With a name meaning clarity bright she does shine

Her Aura of musical art clear Devine

Beautiful..fun heart sentimental

Kindness she stamps on ones heart she is gentle

Claire stamp the Angel of lavender scent

Animals love her... To us she was sent 

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Blessed mother so blessed
To raise a boy so kind so giving
To practice forgiveness always forgiving
Blessed mother we thank you for the blessing you brought us
Praiseworthy son the message he taught us
Rare teenage boy with morals unique
Praiseworthy words Her boy he would speak
He still lives Blessed Mother..His greatness so strong
His Praiseworthy message through God's gentle song

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Anthony walkerBLMgrief-strickenracism


entry picture

For he is so bright
His eyes twinkle like stars at night
For he with light of phenomenal force
Even his shadow is shining of course
Quiet the night when the moon is so high
Dark shadow duo my soulmate and I
Embracing eachother white wall if you let
Still moving picture ..our silhouette

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shadowSilhouettesoul mate


I was urged by the higher power to express my self through creativity
So I painted and drew and wrote out my thoughts
As I did I let my mind wonder
Naturally I was thinking of you and how absence makes the heart fonder

The waves of pure love flowing right through me
Knowing that you're a child of God and you were sent to me
The magnetic attraction between us I struggle to describe
Knowing y...

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After my observation..  social media nation it is clear to me
Many seem to not be who they appear to be
Showing us only what they want us to see
Looking 20 you're forty-three
Look at me my life is flawless
Photoshop profile when they're already gorgeous
"My kids are my world" O.T.T
We all love our kids obviously
You dont even like him jog on do one
"House work done....

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"social media"Fakesuperficial

End S.R.A

This is my message to the elite the leaders
The fools the liars the false info feeders
The satanic breeder's
The tricksters
The 666sters

Evil practicing contradictors' 
Jim "ll fixers
Taking away a newborn soul
Then washing it down ..with the blood from your bowl
Masking in costumes dressed as a soldier
Earth plane is hell ..Its about to freeze over

The light workers are here ..And ...

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cultsdarkness to lightFighting evil togetherS.R.A


In this short blessed experience called life
We wake we sleep we eat we breath and if we r lucky we wake
Not just eyes open awake
Third eye awake
With this comes changes opertunities
We take
Lessons we mistake them for mistake
Social media a fraction of our life fake
Fake love ...fake give ..real take
They want us programed in to play ther game
They want us to think wev gone insane

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Broken in tiny pieces
Shattered metaphorical and literally shattered
My soul feels bruised and battered
Years of lost trust finally found over almost a year
Gained in time but lost again through fear
Warned stay clear
All things toxic drugs and beer
Disappointment unspoken but visual
Her eyes are sad she looks miserable
She blames her self they all do
The handful of people who got me thr...

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Wake up teachers we are not all the same

50 minit lessons secondary school college
50 minutes to pass on your knowledge
Lesson plan organised for class ..a plan is wishful thinking
Some brains expanding ..others shrinking
When your plan doesnt go to plan
Some understand more than others can
I take it that was not in your plan
One boy has only written out the date
Forgotten equipment and turned up late
You assume his rebellion an...

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The Spaceship part 1

High in the clouds we float.. spaceship
Views of the city a head turn away
I see it all from here
I see lights and windmills
I see houses and tall hills
In the distance famous towers
Blessed for this view
I could gaze out for hours
I stay early hours
Love I've never felt more
Oh euphoric twelfth floor
Safe and time stops
Towered over tree tops
Warmth. . I feel your body heat
In sync ...

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friendloverSpace ship

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