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All alone sit he!

Passing out the day,

Disgracefully confining within

The four walls of cement concrete room.


Counts the days and nights,

Comes and goes out by one’s’

Does not know how long to remain

Simply in calamities and chokes.


How long will continue

The draconian night;

Does not know he

How also to fight?


As the sun goes behind

The shady bush on back

Making him blind, cant

Move afar, lost the sight;

Yet even flickers the light.


Feels much he bore

Wants someone to share,

Of his own feelings,

Life has gone dead for him;

There is no any thrilling.


Neither the blows the wind,

Nor the rain drizzles;

To feel him cool,

Cracking, the fan rotates

To make him fool.


The dashing summer

Ere no more dances?

Looks amazingly he, for one

Tocome, through the fence.


Fiasco is the attempt,

 Futility in his thought;

Who will console him?

Dreams the cloud

And direction it lost.





Not even listens the

Chirping of the birds,

To talk for an hour;

Can’t call them to stay

And don’t go away;

Leaving him to burst the tear.


Dark and drunkard is the night,

Drunken are the men;

Dances the dragon

Fears the lion, remains in den.


Far remained the family,

Far also remained friends;

Foes even at far,

Don’t know whom to trend?


Goes the bandit, behinds the bar;

Takes a pup

From the cup of sap, to plunder.


Recalls the past,

Where was the thirst & thrust?

How has been he pushed,

Not knowing to be hooked?


Still remains alive, alive in thought;

Will quench a sap,

To defuse the thirst.








N.B: The poem is composed in the dark night of 6th August 2019, when the poet was passing his time all alone; far away from his home & family.

























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