Pandemic Equality

A ruthless killer

Far-reaching as the sun

Rides upon the wind

Partial to none.


There's no distinction 

Between great and small 

Minion and lord

Together they fall.


A time for reflection 

-though terror is rife 

Men are equal in death

Why not in life?

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1 in 8 billion

A special somebody

To illume your days

And embellish your life

In a myriad of ways.


In a throng universal

Someone  chose YOU

To stand with, on summits

And in valleys too.


In times solitary

Never truly alone

For their heart synchronizes

The beat of your own.


With cosmic narcissism

Indeed, it is rare

To love and be loved:

What can compare?


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A Wilted Lily

Her life had only just begun

Her purity was whole

Sins or defects: she had none

A clean, unblemished soul.


No cause had she to fear the man

She knew and loved him well

But the trusted member of her clan

Was a demon out of hell.


Innocence he took from her

And felt no guilt or shame

For harming one so young and pure

He loved his evil game.


A fledgli...

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Note to self

I look in the mirror;

Don't like what I see;

Is that saturnine woman

Actually me?


Where is the girl

With a smile that shone?

All grown up;

The smile's long gone.


Embittered and cynical;

Forlorn and morose;

Sees only the thorns

-Not the beautiful rose.


Note to self:

Need attitude shift!

Life's not a burden;

Life is a gift.



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Stormy Weather

Tempestuous waters

In the sea of Life

Ferocious winds

Obsidian sky.


Clinging to hope

Yet terror is rife

Can't the gods hear

My fervid cry?



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Schadenfreude: a despicable word

The fact it exists makes it more absurd

'Pleasure derived from the woes of another'

Is that how we humans treat each other?

Where went compassion and empathy?

Have our morals regressed to such a degree?

Concur I do with Mark Twain's analogue:

'The more I learn of people, the more I love my dog!

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Monday blues

My alarm clock beeps at 5 a.m.

Back to square one, I go again

An ungodly hour to start the day

But what to do? I've got bills to pay

No time for morning civilities

"Has anyone seen my friggin' keys?"

Stuck in traffic for almost an hour

Arrive at work in a mood quite sour

Phew! Just made it: it's five-to-eight

The boss glares at me: "You're bloody late!"

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I can't let go...

Helplessly watched him

Day by day

Growing weaker

Fading away.


Prayed for a miracle

Hoped for a cure

All the while knowing

The end was near.


And people said

When soon the end came

"He's peaceful now

He's out of pain."


My mind acquiesces

But the hardest part

Is explaining that

To my aching heart.


And every day is harder

Than the ...

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In living colour

How monotoned this world would be

If there were no diversity

Everyone harmoniously

Singing a global cantata.


The silver lining would be, of course

There would be no rifts or wars

Everybody would endorse

A universal charter.


But the situation being what it is

A kaleidoscope of ethnicities

A range of personalities

In a world of colour.

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Can't is a four-letter word

A euphemism preferred

When short on courage or will;

We sweeten up the word

Like a sugar-coated pill;

'Sorry, but I CAN'T help you...'

Sounds a little less uncouth;

'Can help but I DON'T WANT TO.'

- Much closer to the truth.

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She looks in the mirror;

What does she see?

Hair stained grey by the cruel hands of time;

A face lined with age, worn past its prime.


He looks at her;

What does he see?

A crown of silver upon the head of a queen;

The face of the loveliest girl he's ever seen...

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Absentee fathers

A modern phenomenon;

Millions being raised

In a one-parent home;

'Throwaway partners'

-a causative factor;

Adults should know that

Young lives matter!

Kids need assurance

During formative years;

Two loving parents

To calm their fears;

A devoted father

I was blessed to have had;

Nothing can replace

The love, of a dad.


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Numero Uno

From early childhood

Til our days are done;

We're conditioned to strive

For 'Number 1' ;

Anything less 

 is incompetency;

Everyone thinking

Of Me! Me! Me!

A society rent

By competition;

Virtue displaced

By blind ambition;

A victor's not the one

Who wins first-place;

All are winners

Who finish the race!


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Tomorrow is far away

Life in the fast lane:

An adrenaline rush;

Yet you miss out on much

Along the way;


Slow down the pace;

Embrace what you love.

You may not have

Beyond today...

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My bad!

Foolhardy was I

And deceived by my eyes

Forgot all that glitters

Isn't gold;

Too late I realized

True beauty lies inside

My handsome prince

Turned out to be a toad!

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A many-faceted colour;

A king among hues;

Evoking a rainbow?

Or a new bruise?


Cloudless skies

On a sunny day?

Pristine waters?

Cornflower bouquet?


Or gloomy moods:

Sad and depressed?

X-rated movies?

Warmth suppressed?


Or little pills

That start with an E?

Extreme frustration?

Or rigidity?


Adorable Smurfs!

And jazzy tunes!


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Out of my head!

A voice in my head, talking to me

Badgering, incessantly

Through the night, disturbing my sleep

Couldn't count any bloody sheep!


Went to spill my guts to a friend:

"Think I'm going round the bend!"

"Don't worry about it", she said

"Voices argue inside my head!"


Off I went to see a 'shrink'

"Am I insane? What do you think?

Straitjacket? Shock therapy?


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Hope Springs Eternal

Having firm conviction tho the day is bleak

Optimistic of attaining the Shangri-la you seek

Prayerful expectation of a rainbow-day

Envisioning tomorrow while it’s yet today

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Call me Rhett!

Snarky words

Shot like darts

May injure some

Fragile hearts.


Call me aloof

-or better yet:

Call me Butler

Or call me Rhett.



Is what I am

“Frankly, my dear

I don't give a damn"!

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I'm really not fond of verbosity;

(Although the ex-hubby may not agree!)

Why use many words if you need a few?

A common expletive has only two!

Physicians use words we don't know;

Perhaps to soften the blow.

An attorney-at-law, we recuse:

He intends to mislead and confuse!

Politicians know not what they say;

But they're voted-in, anyway!

Him in the pulpit, I think I'l...

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why i like Poets

Poets: a menagerie of creative minds,

Risen above societal class;

They see not whether, it's half-full or half-empty;

Poets see the beauty of the glass.


Versemakers are free and tolerant souls

-no finicky rules, in poetry.

They care more about rhythm-and-rhyme, than grammar;

-AND around Poets, I can be me!

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RIGHTS and wrongs

A driver's license gives to me,

The RIGHT to drive, legally;

I too get, the RIGHT to use,

Any public road I choose;

But if I drive, outside the lines,

I pay hefty traffic-fines.


Obligated to uphold,

A comprehensive safety code:

I should never, put at risk

The life, of another motorist;

While, I have the RIGHT to drive,

He has the RIGHT to stay alive!

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Three Empty Words

I love you! Recycled words, that fall on deaf ears;

I'm sorry! Can't un-cry, all the tears;

Don't leave! She needs a reason, to stay;

I love you! There's nothing else, he can say.

She's gone. He stands alone at the gate;

WORDS; a little too little, much too late...

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who cares, anyway?

Met twelve busy people

On the street, today

They all asked how I was

I said: I'm OK

I'm really NOT

I said it, anyway

I said it, because

It's what I'm

EXPECTED to say.

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(With apologies to Aesop!)

“Hurrah!" cried Tortoise, after the race;

“Now, who's the one, with egg on their face!"

Gloating and boasting; self-praising was he;

Failed to notice, a Lamborghini!

No time for life to, flash before his eyes;

Tortoise met with a speedy demise!

Hare hopped on by, with more swag than before:

“Tortoise won the battle, but I won the war!"

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Crossed a line, that cannot be uncrossed

-a cross that's heavy to bear

Across a stygian sea; hope lost

Crossed over, into Devil's lair

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Green, green grass of home

My sunny homeland, of Zambia;

And numerous other lands, too;

The powers-that-be are flummoxed;

What to do? What to do? What to do?


The cause of their baffling problem;

Has nicknames and tags, galore:

Mary Jane, dope, weed, grass -and Chamba;

And names, 1000 and more!


Legalize it or not? they ponder;

Some are pro, while others are con.

It's really a point of ...

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Perfect Strangers

Solace sought,

From those I know;

When dealt by Life,

A staggering blow;

A lesson learned;

And now understand;

The comforting touch,

Of a stranger's hand.

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i need not your condemnation;

i need not commiseration;

when you see me, in a pit;

help me climb, back out of it.




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Mother Knows Best

A mother summoned her kids, all three:

“Now, listen to me -carefully;

Your cellular phones, will have to go!

THEY CAUSE CANCER, don't you know?

Numerous studies have recently shown,

RF waves come through a phone!

Now give them here, without delay;

You'll be thanking me for this, one day."

Silly kids, to get so upset!

She frowned, as she lit a cigarette.

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English is Greek to me!

English, a language, rich and refined;

All too often, boggles the mind;

The plural of goose is geese;

But, the plural of noose is nooses?

Fellow poets, help me please!

Two mongeese? Or two mongooses?


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just ducking around!

donald's inanity drives me insane;

perhaps, it's insanity that makes him inane?

he's definitely not, the sharpest tool in the shed;

i wonder what goes on in his head!

some people idolize donald duck;

but most people think, he's a ‘stoopid' CREATURE!

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“Sorry" Is A Sorry Word

Many a woman or man, have erred,

Thinking “Sorry" is a magic word;

Present an apology, after the fact?

Or think before you speak or act?

It's well and good, to be contrite;

But “Sorry" cannot all wrongs right!

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Different but Equal

Partnership of a knife and fork;

Useful when you are lunchin' ;

Both, complementing the other;

Each, a specific function.

Using a knife in place of a fork,

Would potentially, be doomin' ;

Another pair, different but equal:




Gender bias continues to be an issue in my home country (Zambia) and globally, especially in developing nations.

I ap...

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Give a dog a bad name...

A dog is a representation

Of loyalty and dedication;

So, why is it a denigration

To call a man 'a dog'? 


Perhaps, it's vilification;

An outright humiliation, 

For the canine population, 

For a man to be called a dog! 



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Life is a journey that's way too short;

To waste precious time, being a worrywart. 

Fretting and fussing make one dour;

When life gives you lemons, make a Whiskey Sour! 


Care not for either, frivolity or sloth;

Work and Pleasure; there's a time for both. 

Watch a cloudburst, through your window pane;

Or run outside, and dance in the rain! 



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There once was a billionaire

Who tweeted: 'I just don't care

Folks think I'm odd

But I am a god

And I love my orange hair!'

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Beneath Beauty...

The Lily-of-the-valley

 a flower divine;

 a bell-shaped face

of exquisite design;

a pervading aroma of

angelic incense;

milky-white petals

pure innocence;

it's beauty belies

a sinister power; 

the Lily-of-the-valley

 a deadly flower!

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Heartbreak and Toothache

An unhappy marriage is like a bad tooth;

At first you ignore the obvious truth:

Something is wrong; it's causing you pain,

But you have no time to consult your brain.

So you take a pill -or have a drink or three,

Hoping to relieve your agony;

But the pain escalates until one day,

You realise it's not going away;

You're gripped with a feeling of horror and fear,

It can't ...

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Two apes having a head-to-head:

"It's friggin' absurd!" one of them said,

"Eight million species inhabit this earth,

Balancing nature and proving their worth;

But look at those creatures that are called 'man':

Ruining our planet as fast as they can;

They've polluted our air and poisoned the seas;

Their revolting habits cause death by disease!

Some of them perish with nothin...

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