I hope I taught my children enough





With age, I can’t help wondering.

If I taught my children, enough.

Teaching them what they need to know

To get through their day-to-day life.


Like being respectful to all they meet.

Saying thank you, please and bless you

To friendly strangers they greet.

Teaching them kindness, I hope will be enough.


I hope it’s enough to teach them patience.

When events are out of their control.

I hope it’s enough to teach them to hope

When their pain is more than they can endure.


I hope it’s enough to teach my children faith

When there’s so much hurt in the world.

I hope it enough when the troubles of life

Makes them feel angered, crippled and sore.


I hope it’s enough to teach right from wrong.

When their free will and the choices they make

Will challenge every aspect of their life.

I hope it’s enough to teach them right from wrong.


I hope I taught my children enough,

Being true to your word and having a backbone.

Living a life without lies and staying thankful

Especially when the world is not helpful.


I hope I taught them enough

Like how to make a house a home.

By making it warm, inviting and safe

For all who sleeps within their walls.


I hope I taught them enough about money.

The amount in your pockets never tells your true worth.

It’s the things you have pride in that are priceless and

Your family tells your true wealth.


I hope it’s enough I taught them strength

When walls will block their way.

Never backing down, holding your ground

And never be afraid to begin again.


I hope I taught my children enough

That they pass this on to my grandchildren

For these are traits that got me to old age.

I hope I taught my children enough.




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Don Matthews

Wed 21st Aug 2019 23:16

I got a shock last night (true)
My daughter said to me
I'm kind and cheerful (now 30)
Because you taught me be

I thought, did I have such effect
When she was in our care?
For her to now be kind, cheerful
I must have done my share

We don't realize how much effect we have on our children......

Belinda -

"I hope I taught my children enough".

I'm sure you 'pounded' the basics into them. That's all we can do before they leave the nest. The rest is just fingers crossed. I hope you are rewarded by your efforts with an experience like mine.

Oh, and I really liked your poem..........

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