I join each day in the flow of its current

Compatible or not I try to adjust myself

The day often conflicts with my waking mood

I walk along a darkened corridor

Feeling my way with uncertainty

I welcome the unexpected yet cherish routine

Spontaneity can disturb or delight

Outside I embrace sun, shower or rain

Only the wind aggravates my soul

I react, respond with little thought

Only when alone am I the author of originality

Capable of constructed intelligent ideas

I greet the night and a prayerful end

As the shadows carry me into a new realm of being

Beyond wind, corridor, gloom or mood


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Don Matthews

Sat 31st Aug 2019 23:04

Very good Keith. I enjoyed it. Devon says it more eloquently than I can.......

Devon Brock

Sat 31st Aug 2019 22:31


The concept that we exercise little to no control over chance is well presented. The line "Feeling my way with uncertainty" reminds me of how I move through my house before dawn, when the lights are out, and only hands and feet know the way. "Only the wind aggravates my soul" - oh yes, there is the force that we must reckon with. At the tail end of the poem - reflection, rest, and summation. I do so like this piece. Universal, I would say.


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